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Target Toy Sale Holiday 23 Jun – 6 Jul 2016 top toy brands including Finding Dory and perfect video games of your favorites. Browse the entire catalogue now. 

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Target Catalogue product range generally covers clothing, home products, electronics and entertainment electronics like TV offers, toy products, baby products, gaming products, DVDs and similar entertainment products, books and special products like Christmas offers.

Occassional sales are also must-see deals like Christmas or Easter. See all Target Online Catalogues on this page. Target Online products are always clever business in order to save good amounts you will like.

Target Catalogue Home of Shopkins and Fisher Price Toys

Target Catalogue Home Of Shopkins is a sale on pg 18. Shopkins characters and Shopkins theme are reflected on the stationery products and play sets. Target Catalogue Home of Shopkins and Fisher Price ToysYou may see them all on pg 18. Moreover this catalogue offers Sylvanian Families. Gift sets of Sylvanian Families may be browsed on pg 19. The suitable price range for this kind of toy range has been popular with increasing rate in the June and July.

Shopkins Shoppies Donatina’s donut delights play set $28
Shopkins series 3 black box $39
Shopkins In Line scooter $29
Shopkins kinstructions scene set $27
Shopkins 12 pk season 5 $13

Sylvanian families tree house gift set $99
Sylvanian Families Saloon red car $49
Sylvanian families cosy cottage $44
Sylvanian Families classic furniture set $42
Sylvanian Families milk rabbit family $27

Various dolls like FurReal friends, Num Noms, Hamsters in a house, My Little Pony baby flurry heart, Little Dive packs and many more are featured deals on pg 20-21. Exclusive Young Ones toys and Fisher Price baby toys can be purchased for the special prices of Target on pg 24-25.

Young Ones my secret stool play sets kitchen $15
Young Ones dino play set $39
Young Ones constructable vehicle $4
Young Ones my first BBQ $29

Young Ones 40 piece wooden train set table $49
Young Ones wooden 2-in-1 fire – police station $69
Young Ones racing car ramp $12
Young Ones wooden activity cube $19

Target Catalogue Fisher-Price baby toys and educational toys to grow your child smart with improving intelligence are available on pg 24-25.

Bright beats 3-in-1 bright pods $29
Learn with me Zebra Walker $39
Bright beats Princess mommy touch n crawl princess $39
2-in-1 musical drum roll $29
Laugh-Learn smart stages tablet $25

Smart stages car $99
Play&Learn activity cube $39
Laugh&Learn smart stages train $49
Laugh-Learn storybook rhymes $20
Let’s get ready sink $39

Vtech toys can be browsed on pg 26. The education is the first priority of the vTech toys. Costumes and favorite characters of children can also be purchased for the prices on pg 26&27.

Target Catalogue Greatest Toy Sale 2016

Target Catalogue Greatest Toy Sale 2016 is a 64 pages catalogue full of top toy brands, favorite characters, kids’ beloved figures, super heroes that are all on sale. Entertain your catalogue for the best prices of toys you can find. It’s an annual sale and every time new toys come up !

Target Catalogue Greatest Toy Sale 2016

Over 550 toys are discount products in this Target Catalogue. You may reach all of them via this catalogue. Hot Wheels, Barbie, Shopkins, Num Noms, FurReal Friends, Fisher-Price, Vtech, PeppaPig, Paw Patrol, Disney Frozen, Razor, Nerf, Monopoly and dozens of more toy brands are featured by Target within this toy sale.

As most of you know Target’s toy sale catalogues are the best toy sales in the year. Usually they have the greatest range of the toys. Last year they had the World’s Greatest Toy Sale. This year they have the greatest toys in this catalogue. Stating the prices are not just temporarily being dropped but for everyday, this catalogue is the top toy sale catalogue so far. You can find a lot of deals and mentions all around the internet right now. View the catalogue, list your favorite products, and start enjoying shopping at Target.

Target Catalogue Greatest Toy Sale 2016 offers various toy types.

Target Toy Sale LEGO:

LEGO’s friends, Ninjago and many more packs are available in the first 5 pages. LEGO toys are puzzles improving the intelligence of thinking by different perspectives of mind of a kid. Puzzle toys are always preferable when it comes to education and this Danish toy brand has done a lot of work on it.

Dupio Around the World $149
Dupio Fire Station $79
LEGO City $39
LEGO Super Heroes Bat Cave $399
LEGO NEXO Knights $79
LEGO Star Wars $399

LEGO Friends is available on pg 6.


Find TMNT toys and figures on pg 7. New Lower prices of TMNT figures like Out of Shadow movie giant figures priced are featured sales on pg 7. A like-class movie toy range is among the deals of Target on pg 8&9. Find Star Wars figures, light saber and similar on pg 8&9.

Star Wars Episode VII Jedi Master Lightsaber $79
Star Wars Episode VII Kylo Ren Lightsaber $49
Star Wars Epsiode VII Hero Series Deluxe Figure $25
Star Wars R2D2 interactive robotic droid $175

Marvel Avengers Captain America or Iron Man costumes and more super hero figures or costumes can be found on pg 10-11. Captain America costume is only $34 everyday price. Avengers figure pack is $49 on pg 10.

Radio Control Vehicles and Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels cars, Rev Racerz, Air Hogs vehicles have been contained on pg 12-13. With the catalogue price you have the new lower price of Remote Control Intrude 1:6. Awesome toys are featured by the catalogue. Don’t miss out any good toy from this catalogue.

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Air Jumper $35
Monster Jam Pirate Takedown play set $35
Rev Racerz tower loop challenge $49
Speedy Demon $15
Air Hogs Zero Gravity Drive $69

Construction, Kitchen, Dolls and Collection Toys

Kids Space drill, hammer, chainsaw, and girls’ toys like wooden kitchen, modern dollhouse and similar toys may be your option to shop for fun. Barbie toys and Disney Princess new toys are possible to see on pg 16&17.

Barbie Feature Gymnastic Play Set $49
Barbie Pop-Up camper $99
Barbie Smoothie or bakery Play sets $29
Shibajuku girls dolls $36

Home of Shopkins is pg 18 of the catalogue. Target Catalogue offers new Shopkins prices on pg 18. Collect the most favorite characters and have the best play set of Shopkins. Also Shopkins scooter is priced $29 on pg 18 of the catalogue.

Sylvanian Families toys can be shopped on pg 19. FurReal, Little Live, My Little Pony, Hamsters in a House supermarket set are all on pg 20-21. Young Ones exclusive toys can be seen on pg 22-21. These Exclusive Young Ones toys are:

My Secret stool play sets $15
Young Ones Dino $39
Young Ones My First BBQ $29
Constructable Vehicle $4
Young Ones bathtime pals sunflower $12
Young Ones 40 piece wooden train set table $69
Young Ones wooden activity cube $19

And more products can be seen on pg 22-23. Fisher-Price toys for toddlers are also on sale too. Check pg 24-25 for those toys.

Fisher-Price bright beats 3-in-1 bright pods $29
Fisher-Price learn with me zebra walker $39
Fisher-Price laugh&lean smart stages tablet $25

Target Catalogue Winter Clothing 30 Jun – 13 Jul 2016

Target Catalogue Winter Clothing 30 Jun – 13 Jul 2016 is currently ready to shop. One of the top deals for the apparels is currently available in this Target Catalogue. Brilliant choices from classic and modern blend will take you away. This astonishing range of an ordinary catalogue is also well priced. On pg 2-3 you may seek good prices of casual dresses for ladies. These could be considered as formal wear which is hard to find at suitable fares.

Target Catalogue Winter Clothing 30 Jun - 13 Jul 2016

Shirt size 6-20 $25
Bi-stretch dress 6-20 $35
Dress 6-20 $49
Straight leg pants 6-20 $39
Cowl neck knit top 6-20 $29

Skinny leg pants $25
3/4 sleeve top $35

Blouse, jacket and more formal wear selection of ladies are possible to find on pg 4-5. Please seek for the suitable values for business wear on these pages. Shoes for ladies including heels, flats, hand bags that will complete the previously mentioned business wear have been priced at fair values. This is rare sale by Target and I think everyone who has the chance to browse this catalogue is lucky.

Sleepwear for ladies including slippers are available on pg 14-15.

Gown S-XL $15
Pants 6/8 – 18/20 $12
Flannel pyjama sets $20
Slipper boots Small, medium, large $15
Geri slippers 5-10 $15

Underwear featuring the best prices of Target for bras, brief, strapless bras and many more are available on pg 16&17. Shapewear with buy 2 get 3rd free on pg 18, Men’s business wear on pg 20-23 and similar type of products will be in front of you when you turn it to pg 22-23.

Target Catalogue Gaming and DVDs Jun 2016

We previously mentioned this catalogue but did not emphasize the gaming sale currently available. Target Catalogue Gaming and DVDs Jun 2016 sale is just one of the toy sale entertainment deals. Prices for LEGO Star Wars for PS3, XBOX 360, PS4, XBOX One and LEGO Dimensions which is out currently and bundle buys of consoles are a part of this fun shopping. Toy sale catalogue have become the centre of shopping for fun.

Target Catalogue Gaming and DVDs Jun 2016

In this particular toy sale catalogue everybody must agree that it’s not the Target’s biggest. We currently are able to browse Big W Toy Sale catalogue but Target will have the greatest toy sale later probably.

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens PS3-XBOX 360 $69
LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens PS4-XBOX One $79

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack $109
LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs $16
LEGO Dimensions Level Packs $32
LEGO Dimensions team packs $25

Game Consoles, Video games for PS4 and XBOX One and Disney Infinity Nemo and Dory may be your new fun in holiday. Find savings on these products on pg 12-13.

Playstation 4 1TB $499
PS4 dual shock controller $78
Playstation 4 charging station $37
Uncharted 4 for PS4 $49
Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4/XBOX One $39
Fallout 4 $29
Overwatch $78

$7 each DVD sale list included films like Apollo 13, Last Vegas, Inglourious Basterds, The Amazing Spider-Man, Bad Boys, Hellboy and more. You may see the full list on pg 15 of the catalogue. For kids movies there is a sale on pg 16. That offers $9, $12, $15 animated movies. Top TV Series like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and more can be found on pg 17. If you are likely to watch something in holiday there is a huge discount at Target. Never miss out any Target Catalogue by subscribing this category. Having these posts in your inbox might help a bit more.

Target Catalogue Toy Sale 23 Jun – 6 Jul 2016

Target Catalogue Toy Sale 23 Jun – 6 Jul 2016 is just a small one compared to the “greatest toy sale” that is one of the most anticipated toy catalogues by Target in each year. Target has some good deals inside this catalogue. You may find Batman, Minecraft, Finding Dory which has just been getting familiar with customers, game consoles, LEGO and like class products that every child loves.

Target Catalogue Toy Sale 23 Jun - 6 Jul 2016


Toys under $10 featuring generally plush toys and popular toy brands including Hot Wheels, Call of Duty pack, LEGO star wars and more on pg 2-5.

2.4 Ghz remote control speedy demon $15
LEGO Creator changing seasons $69
LEGO Star Wars Galactic empire battle pack $15
Hot Wheels Slot track set $29

Infrared Ray 4 channel wall climber car $20
Remote control quad copter $20

Find more toys like Minecraft figures, Batman figures, Shopkins, Qixels and Num Noms and Disney Princess figures. Disney’s Finding Dory characters are available on pg 8.

Hatch n Heroes $9
Mini 6″ with sound $19
Don’t wake hank game $34
Surprise squirt

Entertainment products of Target Catalogue in this two weeks are DVD movies, gaming consoles and books.

Find LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Dimensions, PS4 1 TB console bundle and video games on pg 12-13.

LEGO Star Wars PS4 – Xbox One $79
LEGO Dimensions starter packs $109 ea
LEGO Dimensions team pack $25
LEGO Dimensions Level packs $32
LEGO Dimensions Fun packs $16

Playstation 4 1 TB bundle is $499
Uncharted 4 $49
Fallout 4 $29
Farcry Primal $39
Overwatch: Origins Edition $78

Find 2 Apple major products and power banks or fast recharging ports are on sale on pg 11.

iPad Air 16 GB Wi-fi $469
iPod touch 16 GB $259
4 pk 4000 MAH powerbank $69