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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Week 35 2016 which is currently valid. Check out this week’s ALDI Catalogue for the best products of the week.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 35 2016

This week’s special sales are Father’s Day gifts, kitchen ware including food storage, in-car electronics, Father’s Day 4th Sept. giftables including grooming kits and personal care at ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 35 2016. You will also find ALDI Expressi is priced $89.99 just for Father’s Day. View the deals of ALDI on this catalogue to profit this week’s shopping.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 35 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Deals

Kitchen Ware

Food storage is one of the basic element in organizing a kitchen. A lot of options exist in the market. The difference about ALDI Catalogue kitchen products is uniqueness of nature of products themselves and randomness of the sales. You’d never know whenever an ALDI Catalogue offers you a new sale of kitchen. This week a new one is available here.

Non-stick bakeware $2.99
Baking pans $9.99
Cookie Cutters $8.99
Wooden baking utensils $4.69

In-Car Equipment and Electronics

If you are lazy in seeking and hunting the deals for each product you want to purchase I would hand you over a this ALDI Catalogue whenever the topic is in-car or outer car equipment. They always make great deals on these products like Walmart’s US stores. They also worked on this pretty well. Visit pg 4-5 for the latest discounts of car entertainment and general essentials.

Car Entertainment System with reversing camera $299
Go Cruise 4.3″ GPS system $79.99
Onix 9″ Portable DVD Player $69.99

Father’s Day Gifts

ALDI always offers these gifts each year like all the other stores. This time you may find a classic understanding inside this catalogue. Grooming kits, classy and manly looking tools for personal care of a man. Daily useable products like Nivea gift packs, Gillette’s precise and quality material products etc. Find all of these on pg 6&7.

Hair Clipper Set $17.99
Multipurpose grooming kit $24.99
Electric Shaver $29.99
Nivea Men’s gift packs $16.99

Men’s 3-in-1 hair, body and face wash 250mL $2.49
Toiletries bag $14.99
Complete beard grooming kit $12.99

ALDI Expressi’s new price, capsules and other essentials for coffee making are all available on pg 8&9.

Special Buys of Outdoor Furniture

Another rare and juicy opportunity to save on something. Modern style of outdoor furniture fits any kind of modern type of house. In your garden, create a special space for yourself and your guests to enjoy these beautiful days. Australia is better with a comfortable garden !

Corner Wicker setting $399
Rustic outdoor fire pit $89.99
Wicker lounge chair $149
Metal Wall Art $19.99
Large Pots $19.99
Hanging pots 5 pk $29.99

More than this ? Check out pg 12-13 for camping essentials. All you need to enjoy nature, for you and for your car are featured by the latest ALDI Special Buys. With this catalogue of ALDI Special Buys Week 35 you have the luck of saving money and getting whatever you need featuring the top quality material.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 34 2016 Work Tools, Father’s Day and More

24 – 27 August 2016 are the days when you can shop for these products. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 34 offers Father’s Day gifts consisting of casual clothing, casual shoes, underwear and cozy variety of daily wear for men. Visit pg 2-3 for these products. You can achieve the savings with these ALDI Catalogues.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 34 2016


ALDI offers new Father’s day snacks, chocolates, giftable chocolate packs and picture books on pg 4-5. Father’s Day gift concept gain a new perspective with these deals. On pg 4-5 you can find:

Gran’s Fudge Tin 220g $6.99
Carnaby’s Street Liquirice allsorts 1 kg $8.99
Swiss Mountain bar 400g $4.99
Nando’s hot sauce gift pack $12.99
Roasted peanut and cashew max gift tin 200g $4.99
Seasoning grinders gift pack $9.99

You may see really nice concept products on pg 6&7. Smoothie maker, glass variety, drink accessories and many more products are really looking suitable for Father’s Day giftables. Check out pg Father’s Day entertainment products like turntable, jukebox, board games, glass cabinet and many more. You have to see them on pg 8&9.

Bauhn Ultra HD TV is only $449 at ALDI Catalogue. 48″ 4K TV will be a perfect choice if you are into high definition and high quality of cinema taste. Moreover, check out the TV accessories, smartwatch priced $99.99 and bluetooth headphones on pg 11. Power tools of Workzone and accessories as one of the usual sales ALDI offers is again appearing on a new ALDI Catalogue.

ALDI Power Tools Pg 12-13

Work Zone 1700 W sliding mitre saw $179
Work Zone Sliding Mitre Saw stand $69.99
Work Zone 20V cordless Li-Ion and Impact driver set $129
1600 W demolition hammer $199
Chain Hoist $69.99
Nubuck Safety Boots $54.99
Professional Axe $19.99

Cleaning Supplies

You can find the latest special buys of cleaning supplies on pg 14-15. Check out the latest reduced prices of ALDI on squeeze mop, cleaner chemical, calcium remover, garbage bags and more on pg 15. Deals of frozen food while stocks last can be browsed on pg 16-17. For more info please check the preview of ALDI Catalogue.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 33 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 33 2016 deals are kitchen essentials on sale on 17 Aug 2016.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 33 2016 Browse the newest kitchen basics to set a comfortable environment while cooking. Stainless steel products as cookware, food containers and many more products are on sale. Check out tools, hand tools and multipurpose products as well. All are on sale with an astonishing price range by ALDI.

Vegetable canisters 3 pk $14.99
Benchtop composter $12.99
Stainless steel mixing bowls 5 pc $12.99
Grill and Oven tray $4.99

Stainless Steel cookware sets $49.99
Multipurpose dicer $9.99
Kitchen hand towel 4 pk $8.99
Kitchen gadgets and utensils $2.99

ALDI Catalogue offers food storage, trolley bags, accessories and various kind of items like these. You can’t miss anything from ALDI special buys if you want to save more ! Italian food offers are featured deals on pg 6&7. Sauce, Italian coffee beans, Italian Pasta Nests and pasta sauces and more are available in this list.

One of the ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 33 is fitness wear and equipment. You can catch a brilliant sale of the ALDI Catalgoue with these items. Visit pg 8-9 for the fitness equipment like gloves, boxing tower combo, 20 kg boxing bag, ladies’ and men’s premium runners and many more !

View all of these products to stay on the saving zone. Visit pg 10-11 for the shapewera for running, running underwear, spin bike, premium treadmill and well priced items by ALDI Catalogue. Don’t miss out anything from this sale.

Premium treadmill $549
Spin Bike $199
Adul compression tank, short sleeve, top or shorts $11.99
Adul compression tights $14.99

Moreover you can find leggings with skirt, lightweight hoodies, fitness jacket, fitness shorts on pg 12-13. In this catalogue you may also find a new sale of fitness books, massage table, foam support cushion assortment and similar products on sale. Special buys cover these products on pg 14-15. On 20 August 2016 you can shop for these products. Don’t miss out these deals as well.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 32 2016

Kitchen must be the most beautiful, elegant part of your home. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 32 2016 Kitchen range is available on pg 2-3. Stirling’s extraordionary classy design is a perfect solution to change your kitchen. Style of the kitchen is redefined. And ALDI refines it with discounts.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 32 2016

20 L Microwave with grill $99.99
60 cm electric oven $399
70 cm ceramic cooktop $299
70 cm gas cooktop $299

Integrated dishwasher $499
46-bottle free standing wine cellar $299

Bathroom products are also available in the special buys catalogue of the retailer. Check out pg 4-5 for the bathroom items. Prices of all bathroom range is currently featured.

Bath towel $8.99
Laundry Hamper $29.99
Bath Mat $5.99
Luxury Mosaic Cotton Bath Mat $14.99

Face washer 4 pk $7.99
Bathroom bin $13.99

ALDI Catalogue Dental Care Products are featured in pg 6&7. In general personal care items are available on pg 6&7:

Acrylic shower caddy $49.99
Acrylic bathroom organisers $12.99
Acrylic Bathroom Storage $9.99
Original source shower gel 250mL $2.69
Johnson’s moisturising body wash 1L $4.99

Dentitex power toothbrush $17.99
Denture cleaning tablets 108 pk $6.99
Toothbrushes family 6pk $3.99
Oral B crossaction battery operated antibacterial toothbrush $12.99
Colgate Kid’s battery toothbrush $7.99

ALDI Catalogue Garden Special Buys

Essential power tools, gardening products and special prices of ALDI Catalogue save the week. Petrom Lawn mower, trimmer, blower vac, watering products, hand tools and safety equipment. Nothing has been missed in this category of the catalogue. That shelf will help you with all the gardening works.

21″ self propelled 4-stroke petrol lawn mower $399
4-stroke petrol hedge trimmer $199
4-stroke blower vac $199
4-stroke petrol brush cutter-line trimmer 31 cc $199
900W submersible diry water pump $59.99
Packet bulbs $7.99

Moreover a new motorcycle gear is waiting for you in the store and online shop. ALDI offers awesome values on these quality touring jackets, gloves, rain jackets and more products. Visit pg 12-15 for all deals.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 30 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 30 2016 has been published. With this catalogue you can reach variety of special buys and shop them online. To shop online please visit You can browse the whole ALDI Catalogue currently here. Special Buys Week 30 has featured baby bedroom products, nursery essentials and toys. Toy sale of ALDI has been placed on pg 6&7 of the catalogue.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 30 2016

On Wed 27 Jul you can shop for the toys, baby products of the catalogue. Browse 30 Jul special buys items like home appliances, including washing machine and bathroom cabinet and storage for laundry. Create lots of space in your living area and improve the comfort. It is possible to get rid of all daily life problems with the correct selection of products. Detect your problems first about the storage and laundry and end up with shopping at ALDI Catalogue.

Moreover pet supplies like cat or dog food, dog crate, collar set, dog toys etc. are offered withing special buys week 30 catalogue.

ALDI Catalogue Baby Products :

Find the most comfortable and quality material products of ALDI baby range with this catalogue without paying huge amounts on unneeded shopping.

Reversible sleeping bags $24.99
Bonds wondersuits $11.99
Premium Baby Hats $6.99
Baby singlets 3pk $4.50
Baby sock 4 pk $3.49
Leather First Walkers $14.99

Baby Essentials namely are nursery products can be found on pg 4 and toy sale is available on pg 5. It’s important to provide good choices, healthy choices for your children and ALDI only offers safe products of toy brands.

Squeek Baby Toys $9.99
Nuby feeding accessories $4.99
Baby keepsakes $9.99
Mamia baby wipes 480 pk $9.99
Closer to Nature/Tommee tippee assortment $29.99

ALDI Catalogue Toy Sale may be browsed on pg 6&7. Check out the details of price and information about the toys. Top brands like Hot Wheels are featured in the toy range.

Hot Wheels creature playsets $14.99
Barbie doll assortment $14.99
Addict a ball $14.99
Gold of Bowling sets $12.99
Nesting Dolls $12.99


Home appliances, laundry products, storage and many more deals like these.

9 kg top load washing machine $499
Washing machine base unit $59.99
Storage Overhead unit $69.99
Storage base unit $79.99

Ironing, laundry and more essentials are available on pg 12-13. The whole range of essentials of daily life can be purchased for much lower prices of ALDI.

Garment Steamer $89.99
LCD Steam Iron $49.99
Ironing Board Cover $9.99
Premium Ironing Board $39.99
Sewing Sets $5.99