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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

This week new Christmas decoration ideas and holiday or travel supplies might draw your attention.

ALDI Catalogue Kids Room Special Buys Week 9 2017

It has a vital importance to prepare a nice atmosphere for kids. Effect of their living space cannot be ignored. ALDI Catalogue Kids Room Special Buys Week 9 2017Impact on education while they grow up includes this space and its parts including furniture and bedroom. ALDI Catalogue Kids Room Special Buys Week 9 2017 is the lookbook of really good selection of furniture. ALDI already launched some good deals on Easter products, too. check out pg 2-3 for the new recipe and its ingredients on sale. Rocky Road recipe is readable on pg 3.

ALDI Kids Rooms and Bath Products

Improve the comfort with the ideas from ALDI Catalogue. Special Buys Week 9 contains bedding deals on pg 4-5. It also offers some clothing storage and accessories like throws, bedroom storage etc. First thing to know about a quilt cover is the size. There are king single, queen, double, king and more types of sizes. Secondly you need to care about its design and material. They make some hand-made products which cost more. In stores like ALDI you would find cotton or other synthetic materials. May be sometimes they bring a special one. Nice quilt covers are available in this catalogue for kids.

Kids’ bathroom products including personal care items are on sale. Bathrobe, stickers, bath toys are featured items. Check out pg 8-9.

ALDI Catalogue Laundry Products 22 February 2017

Today you can shop for two different categories of ALDI Special Buys. ALDI Kitchen deals and Laundry products are on sale today.ALDI Catalogue Laundry Products 22 February 2017 To handle your laundries properly, you need quality, durable and handy products which are essentials of this job. ALDI offers totally 11 items on pg 6&7. Don’t miss these deals since they never will be in the same form and at the same price. ALDI’s special buys are unique to the week. Laundry baskets, big ones and small ones are available on pg 6. Basket types here are sufficient to assist you in daily laundry works.

While you can carry clothings with the laundry basket you can also store the dirty laundry in the hamper. The trolley shelves are so practical solutions for storing your chemicals. You can also find under-sink shelf at ALDI stores this week. Check out pg 7 for the useful items.

On Saturday, you will find men’s casual clothing, professional tools, and musical instruments. Clarnet, Guitar, keyboard and drum stool will be on sale. Follow this category page to get next ALDI Catalogue Special Buys.

Kitchen Ware ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 8 2017

New specials are kitchen products, laundry essentials, men’s summer wear, workshop tools, musical instruments, and ALDI Expressi.Kitchen Ware ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 8 2017 You may also find a small grocery range on this ALDI Catalogue. 7 day deals of ALDI covers meat products including turkey, beef and chicken. This week Brannas butchery tin sausages of 500g can be purchased for only $2.99 !

Kitchen Products by ALDI Special Buys Week 8

This preview gives a list of products for kitchen. Cookware sets, fry pans, sophisticated furniture style for your kitchen and all the modern looks for fair prices. See pg 4-5 for the serving ware and little tools that will support you during your cooking sessions.

Stainless Steel Cookware Set $29.99 pg 2
Professional mandolin slicer $19.99
Premium kitchen utensils $3.99 ea
Premium kitchen gadgets $4.69 ea

Mini pans $5.99 ea
Paper towel holder $7.99
Stainless steel mixing bowls 3 pce $12.99
Cook fry and serve pan $29.99

Pyrex Round storage set 3 pce $19.99
Industrial barstools or replica tolix barstool $49.99 ea

All these products, when combined together, will change the look of your kitchen. They are easiest to use, giving the most accurate results at the end of your cooking. You will never be too lazy to cook once you have these products in your inventory. Cooking is not the sole word having something to do with kitchen. Cleaning and serving are vital parts of the daily time you spend.

Microfibre tea towel 3 pk $6.99 pg 4
Non slip mat $4.99 ea
Sistema pantry storage 9 pce $19.99
Expandable cutlrey tray $17.99
Stacking pantry storage $6.99

Fridge orgaisers $3.99 ea
Home organisers $3.99 ea
Kitchen drying mat $7.99
Kitchen comfort mat $16.99 ea
Under cabinet sensor light $12.99

ALDI Catalogue Outdoor Deals Special Buys Week 7 2017

Combine quality items for your inventory which you use during your outdoor activities. ALDI Catalogue Outdoor Deals Special Buys Week 7 2017ALDI’s special buys week 7 catalogue is a nice chance to shop for this type of products for fair prices. On pg 10-13, the outdoor products like coolers, caravan cover are being shown. These are on sale on Saturday, 18 February. Many of them are Australian made products, since their price/performance rate is satisfying. Check out pg 12-13 for these products:

Portable washing machine: this is a really interesting product which may help you for your long adventures. If you want to stay somewhere in the nature for like 1 week or longer, this machine is a perfect solution. Its capacity is 2kg as it is written. You can plug it to your caravan’s power. It’s a spinning washing machine, so I believe it may help to get a reasonably clean clothing. The price of ALDI for this is $99.99 ! Another essential product is clothesline. Of course you will need to let your laundry dry. You can fold down it so it won’t take a lot of space. Lightweight product is easily use this practical product and the price you must pay is $69.99.

Hoses will be available at ALDI stores. You can get one for $24.99 ! You need at least two hoses when enjoying the nature. One for drinking water and one for drainage. A lot of food storage products, plastic food containers were incuded by this catalogue. See them on pg 13.

You might get bored on this trip. So consider adding some entertainment products in your caravan. ALDI Catalogue special buys week 7 provided a list of them on pg 14. Pg 14-15 also shows portable products that might be needed for such an activity.

12″ rechargeable caravan fan $59.99 pg 14
Indoor/Outdoor Antenna $34.99
Premium rechargeable lantern $39.99
21.5″ LED LCD TV – DVD player built in $179

Caravan Table $49.99 pg 15
Premium director’s chair $39.99
Portable BBQ $79.99
Compact Cookware $69.99
Everclear tritan drinkware 2 pk $9.99

ALDI Catalogue Baby Products Special Buys Week 7 2017

On 15th February you can shop for the special baby products on pg 2-6 consisting of nursery, baby room, and bedding products.ALDI Catalogue Baby Products Special Buys Week 7 2017 All the necessary products for a baby room can be found at ALDI. This store can provide whatever you need at suitable prices. The main aim of the ALDI Catalogue is this. The subject this week covers home and outdoor products.

Mother’s Choice baby change table $99.99
Mother’s Choice baby bassinet $99.99
Mother’s choice portable lightweight cot $79.99

3-in-1 playpen $119
Soft rug $19.99
Sleep Easy Crystal Clear Colour video monitor $69.99
Baby Board books $2.99

Swaddling your baby will keep her/him cozy and relaxed. Doing this correctly is important, otherwise you can end up with damaging your baby. Infant swaddles are only $12.99 at ALDI. They are quality items, enough to prevent loosing heat. They are useful to thermally protect a baby. After a while their body starts to reflex to the world and equilibrium is set.

Baby sleeping bag $14.99
Baby sleepsuit $7.99 ea
Johnson’s Baby bath 800mL $6.99 ea
Laundry soap flakes 700g $5.99
Sensitive laundry liquid or fabric softener 2L $5.99 ea

See bedding products on pg 6. Essential products like blankets, comforter set, bed pad are available. Cot comforter set will only be sold for $19.99 ! Don’t miss out these deals on Wednesday.