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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Week 28 2016 which is currently valid. Check out this week’s ALDI Catalogue for :

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Biking Gear
  • Power Tools, Work Wear and Professional Tools
  • Dutch Delights
  • And more occassional sales

Is the list of content by catalogue this week.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 30 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 30 2016 has been published. With this catalogue you can reach variety of special buys and shop them online. To shop online please visit You can browse the whole ALDI Catalogue currently here. Special Buys Week 30 has featured baby bedroom products, nursery essentials and toys. Toy sale of ALDI has been placed on pg 6&7 of the catalogue.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 30 2016

On Wed 27 Jul you can shop for the toys, baby products of the catalogue. Browse 30 Jul special buys items like home appliances, including washing machine and bathroom cabinet and storage for laundry. Create lots of space in your living area and improve the comfort. It is possible to get rid of all daily life problems with the correct selection of products. Detect your problems first about the storage and laundry and end up with shopping at ALDI Catalogue.

Moreover pet supplies like cat or dog food, dog crate, collar set, dog toys etc. are offered withing special buys week 30 catalogue.

ALDI Catalogue Baby Products :

Find the most comfortable and quality material products of ALDI baby range with this catalogue without paying huge amounts on unneeded shopping.

Reversible sleeping bags $24.99
Bonds wondersuits $11.99
Premium Baby Hats $6.99
Baby singlets 3pk $4.50
Baby sock 4 pk $3.49
Leather First Walkers $14.99

Baby Essentials namely are nursery products can be found on pg 4 and toy sale is available on pg 5. It’s important to provide good choices, healthy choices for your children and ALDI only offers safe products of toy brands.

Squeek Baby Toys $9.99
Nuby feeding accessories $4.99
Baby keepsakes $9.99
Mamia baby wipes 480 pk $9.99
Closer to Nature/Tommee tippee assortment $29.99

ALDI Catalogue Toy Sale may be browsed on pg 6&7. Check out the details of price and information about the toys. Top brands like Hot Wheels are featured in the toy range.

Hot Wheels creature playsets $14.99
Barbie doll assortment $14.99
Addict a ball $14.99
Gold of Bowling sets $12.99
Nesting Dolls $12.99


Home appliances, laundry products, storage and many more deals like these.

9 kg top load washing machine $499
Washing machine base unit $59.99
Storage Overhead unit $69.99
Storage base unit $79.99

Ironing, laundry and more essentials are available on pg 12-13. The whole range of essentials of daily life can be purchased for much lower prices of ALDI.

Garment Steamer $89.99
LCD Steam Iron $49.99
Ironing Board Cover $9.99
Premium Ironing Board $39.99
Sewing Sets $5.99

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 28 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 28 2016 has just been released. You will find lots of goods which are the advantage of being a follower of ALDI Catalogue. The occassional sales that are available in the ALDI catalogues mostly are astonishing as well as they are fairly priced. The new catalogue can offer you bedroom furniture consisting of comforting, soft and quality material for much less priced than a furniture store.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 28 2016


Renew your bedroom with the special buys prices of ALDI Catalogue on pg 2-3. Bed&bath category of this catalogue are completely available on pg 2-5.

Quilt cover set $59.99 – King Size: $69.99
Egyptian cotton fitted sheet set $69.99 – King Size: $79.99
Super Soft Blanket – Queen Size $39.99
Glam over the door hooks $6.99

Towel Set 4 piece $26.99
Luxury Jacquard woven cotton bath mat $16.99
Acrylic soap dispenser – tumbler $7.99
Acrylic cosmetic – jewellery organiser $14.99

Provincial chest 3 drawers $129
4 drawers $129
Heirloom Table Lamp $59.99
Race/Road Bicycle $399

Bike degreaser 200g $7.99
Bike CO2 inflator $9.99
Cycling gloves $14.99
Cycling beanie $9.99
Adult’s cycling jersey $29.99
Road bike helmet $29.99
Adults 3/4 cycling knicks $29.99


ALDI Catalogue has an original taste for you. This week you can shop for these awesome biscuits, cakes, wafers, sauerkraut, peppermints and many more. To discover all new Dutch tastes at ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 28 2016 please check out pg 8&9.

You may enlight every spot in your garden with the lighting products of ALDI. Take a look at the pg 10-11 for the lighting offers:

Led coach light $19.99
Led twin head security light $29.99
10W portable LED floolight $39.99
Led worklight $19.99

Cable ties 500 pc $4.99
VDE Screwdriver set 8 pc $8.99
Tape selection $2.99
Felt pads, wedges or door stoppers $2.99
Castor sets $9.99


Power tools, work wear and professional equipment for your work zone needs are randomly appearing in the content of ALDI Catalogues. With the ALDI’s special buys sales you get the chance to save on these products staying away paying for overpriced brands.

Xfinity Plus 20V Li-Ion battery $29.99
Xfinity Plus 20V charger $19.99
20V multifunction tool $69.99
Circular Saw 165mm skin $79.99

Drill with brushless motor skin $79.99
Impact wrench skin $99.99
Damaged Screw remover set $7.99
Assorted drill bit sets $7.99

Work Wear by ALDI Catalogue on pg 14-15:

Men’s Hi-Vis polo-long sleeve $11.99
Men’s Cargo work pant $19.99
Men’s cargo work short $16.99
Hi-Vis padded vest for men $26.99
Hi-Vis drill shirt for men $19.99

Are not the whole list. Check pg 14-15 for the all products of work wear for men. Don’t miss out anything.

ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016

New ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016 offers gourmet kitchen ware, sauce, spices, and bulk buys of general needs like household products and some chemicals. Before ALDI Catalogue these are the products that have been announced. You may find a lot of useful discounts with the latest ALDI special buys.

ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016 1ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016 3ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016 4ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016 5ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016ALDI Special Buys Wed 29 Jun 2016 6

Currently in ALDI Catalogue you can reach toy sale. As I mentioned previously this is the time when all catalogues have toy sales. Don’t miss out any of them. Kmart and Target will have one published soon but currently Big W, ALDI And Myer have the toy sale catalogues. Before the biggest toy sale Target has the School Holiday Fun. Reviews on these products are published regularly by the authors. Don’t miss out the future catalogues.

Gourmet Kitchen Ware of ALDI Special Buys have a lot to offer you.

Hard Anodised Individual Saucepans $19.99
30cm Hard Anodised Frypan $22.99
32cm Hard Anodised Wok $34.99
6L Pressure Cooker $64.99
Mortar and Pestle $16.99

Premium German Knife Sets $24.99
Sous Vide Multicooker $119
Multifunction Vacuum Food Sealer $79.99
Vacuum Food Sealer Refills $14.99

Rocket Blender $34.99
The Great Australian Cookbook $19.99
Calcutta Marble Kitchen Trolley $99.99
Induction Cooking Plate $49.99
Jumbo Tea Towel 2 Pack $4.99

The ingredients you would use in meals, desserts and occassional tastes have been featured by the ALDI Special Buys. Above you can find the image to browse these deals. Awesome pricing and quality stuff are waiting for you.

In Bulk buys deals of ALDI you find houshold products and some essentials for bathroom, laundry, storing food etc. The list of products is readable below.

2ply Paper Towels $4.99ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 25 Toy Sale 2016
Microfibre Cloths 12pk $4.99
Cellulose Sponges 8pk $4.99
Prewash Stain Remover 750ml $2.79
Laundry Powder 5kg $14.99
Cloth Wipes 50pk $3.99

Household Wipes 80pk/100pk $3.99
Steel Wool Soap Pads 20pk $3.99
Sensitive Laundry Liquid 4L $14.99
Laundry Soaker 3kg $8.99

LED Light Bulbs 3pk $24.99
Bulk LED Downlight 4pk $24.99
Non Slip Mat $7.99
Dishwashing Liquid or Multi Purpose Cleaner 3L $5.99
Disposable Gloves 100pk $6.99
Cling Wrap 300m $7.49

And even more products are available in the catalogue and special buys sale.


ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 25 Toy Sale 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 25 toy sale 2016 is only one of the toy sale catalogues right now. Currently Myer, Big W toy catalogues are featured and you may browsed them in our site. View the best prices to provide summer fun for children. Yesterday ALDI announced this toy sale on their page.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 25 Toy Sale 2016

On 22 June 2016 Special Buys toy spectular sale will start you up with the fun. Don’t let the children feel alone. Against boredom these toys will be the true help for them.

Growth chart $29.99
Kid’s dress up storage $24.99
Kid’s play teepee $39.99

5-in-1 wooden puzzles $8.99
Wooden tool box/bead set $14.99
Fairylites sparkletopia $19.99
Throw blanket $14.99

ALDI Toy Sale post will help you more about these products. Check out that post to see a good list of toys. Play-Doh and some LEGO fun are on sale present on pg 6&7.

Mega Bloks learning train $19.99
Andy Griffiths treehouse books $6.99
Lego dictionary – encyplopedia books $14.99

ALDI beauty products consist of eyeshadow cream, dry shampoo and body lotions and like class products. On pg 8&9 there are quality items for your skin for the protection against sun in summer. Classic sale by ALDI is available at the moment.

Metallic eyeshadow cream 3g $6.99
Color hair chalk $3.99
Mascara 10mL/eyeliner 0.3G $5.99
Plumping lip gloss 5.8mL $6.99
Make up brush kit 5pk $9.99
Lip balm $2.49

Coconut water body wash 500 mL $4.99
Coconut water body lotion 500 mL $4.99
Coconut water hand cream 100 mL $3.99
Coconut water shampoo/conditioner 400 mL $4.99

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 25 2016 kids clothing for rainy days made of quality material are among the deals you can find currently. Waterproof products for adults can be browsed on pg 12-13. Big deals waiting for customers are some reason to browse this catalogue.

Ladies’ parka jacket $44.99
Men’s parka $39.99
Adult’s fleece jumper $12.99
Ladies’ wellington socks 1 pk $1.99 pr
Packable rain jacket or pant $14.99
Golf umbrella $9.99