What Are We Doing?

catalogueau.com is a simple website where you can filter out the latest deals from popular stores in Australia. But more importantly, you can find the latest catalogues on our website. Using our Sales & Specials page you can search among thousands of deals from the major stores. We don’t include any products from these stores. We only add the specials which should offer a difference between the old price and the current price. If the product/deal/special doesn’t pass that test, you won’t find it in the database. You will not find this database elsewhere. We made that one exclusively for catalogueau.com and as of Jan 2024, there are an average of 50,000 specials every week available in the data. And that number will only rise because we plan to include more retailer specials. Aside from browsing the weekly catalogues, we think this tool will help bargain hunters when it is time to buy something. Before you buy something, take a look at this database, search for the item you want to buy and see if there is a deal this week.

Why Use catalogueau.com?

Because catalogues don’t offer all the available deals you cannot filter out the specials available in different stores elsewhere. Our database of deals will show you any deal that is available at your favourite stores, not just the catalogue specials. It enables users to compare prices or spot better ones.

An example; if you go to Sales & Specials, you will be able to find, if there are any, deals on tomatoes at Coles and Woolworths in the same week. Therefore, you will be able to compare them easily. And if there is another store offering a lower price, which is important because we only include lower prices, nothing else, you will also see them.

Our Difference

While other catalogue websites offer only catalogues or in-catalogue deals, our difference is that we include all the hot offers in the database. If there is a clearance sale at Kmart, you will find it here even if it is not featured in the catalogue. Specials at Big W but not in the catalogue? You will probably find them on the Sales page.

How We Do It?

We are doing research on catalogues, and clearance sales, comparing the prices, and writing about them to let all of you know about the top specials of the week or the season. Also, we are using the power of our database of specials to present you seasonal offers like summertime, Back-to-School season, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.