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  1. blank Katrina Giang says:

    Hi CatalogueAU,

    I download the Coles catalogue every week from their website in PDF format. However, for the last three weeks, I did not receive their notification email and so forgot to download the catalogues.

    Could you please provide me with a link to download the PDF of the Coles March 8th, 2015 and March 16th, 2015 catalogues?

  2. blank Natasha says:

    Hi, I am looking for a Hot Cross Bun Recipe that was in the IGA catalogue last Easter (2014) but now I can’t find it. Can you help me with this please?

  3. blank Ben says:

    Hi, i am looking for current and old JB Hi Fi catalogues – do you have any?

  4. blank lukie lee says:

    dear Aldi supply manager.

    Do you still have 4 Blade stick Mixer made by KUCHEF avaiable in the store?
    Our daughter would like to buy one.. TQ

  5. blank Edgar Pendleton says:

    Love the Aldi catalogues you send me but can you send them before they go on sale not after.
    Cheers Edgar Pendleton

  6. blank Edgar Pendleton says:

    I would like the Aldi Catalogues sent prior to sale not after for obvious reasons
    Cheers Edgar Pendleton

  7. blank Mohammed Faiyaz Akram says:

    Hi just wondering if I can still get 55″TV and were can I get it from, I leave near Liverpool

  8. blank deb says:

    How do I get catalogues delivered? I run a caravan park and it would greatly benefit our guests as well as bring you business.

  9. blank Chris Haughton says:

    HI, can we add our catalogues….?

    We send about 5million a year out to our customers….

  10. blank Ema says:

    I can no longer see the archived Aldi Catalouges. Have you removed them ?

    1. blank Editor says:

      Hi, no we did not delete them. You can find a selection box on the bottom of the catalogues. It was on top previously.

  11. blank Deborah says:

    Could you send me emails on the latest catalogues please

  12. blank Anna says:

    Hi, How do I contact Catalogue AU to understand rates and prizes. there are no contact details?

    1. blank Editor says:

      Hi, please email us on or you can send a message through Facebook. You can use here as well. Rate system is only for visitors to rate the catalogues, reviews, posts or other contents of Catalogue Au.

  13. blank JACQUELINE STEED says:


  14. blank JAC STEED says:


  15. blank Julie Orton says:

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to get the last 6 weeks worth of catalogues for Coles, Woolies, Aldi and IGA sent to me as PDF documents?
    We conduct a shopping/budgetting assignment with our Year 7 Students and we want to be able to have them compare a range of prices from a range of stores. I have signed up to get them however I need also access older prices as well.
    If this is possible it would be very much appreciated. Kind regards,
    Julie Orton

  16. blank Milton Mooring says:


    I work for a marketing startup and we’ve got an excessive amount of customers who need some new web exposure. Does your company accepts guest posts?

    We have the cash to pay immediately and there’s no additional cost to you.

    Kind regards

  17. blank Jennie Samson says:

    Please email me your weekly catalogues,

    Kind regards Jennie

  18. blank Rob says:

    Any chance of adding Costco offers?

  19. blank Carole & Barry McKE says:

    Please add my email to your list to receive all your catalogues online weekly.

  20. blank Iain Clark says:

    Is the pooper scooper from 28 July available anywhere on Central Coast or Newcastle NSW

  21. blank Graeme says:

    Cheap As Chips catalogue has not been updated since 29 January 2020?

  22. blank Julie Kaminickas says:

    Are the Coles catalogue prices only available on line. I have noticed that the prices in my stores at Floreat and West Leederville are different i.e. some specials are not available at these stores.

  23. blank Pamela Cooper says:

    Please unsubscribe me from this catalogue site. It is not user friendly.

    1. blank Editor says:

      Would you like to give us feedback? We’ll fix it immediately.

  24. blank RAGHU SREENIVASAN says:

    What will it cost to remove advertising?

  25. blank Carilyn J Morrow says:

    Could you remove my email address. I no longer want to receive e-mails from you

  26. blank Summy says:


    Hope you are well. Are you able to send me the pdf version of the Coles Health & Beauty Catalogue 2nd – 8th Dec 2020?

    Thankyou kindly


  27. blank Peter Dundas-Smith says:

    I can’t find an unsubscribe button. Anyway please unsubscribe the following email address.

  28. blank Kelly says:

    You really need to rid of the advertisement about ear wax …. it’s a dirty bit of gunk that looks like it came from someone’s nose on a tissue… while browsing a coles catalogue and scrolling … it’s putrid.
    Seriously it’s repulsive!

  29. blank Veronica Ellis says:

    Good morning..

    love the catalogues… My friend who now lives in Melbourne would love to have the email sent to her.. I can’t find on any part of the pain page where it says ‘if you would like
    to subscribe “… I know I have it in front of my face but want to get it sent to her.
    please help.
    her name is Veronica we call each other sis… her email addy is
    … thank you so much for helping out.

  30. blank Leigh Dix says:

    Any Chance I Can Read The Catalogue Whith Out Throwing Thse Rotten Adds In All The Time

  31. blank Bill Cutting says:

    Hi there, I can’t fin the unsubscribe link so will you please unsubscribe me as these offers are not available in NZ:
    Thanks, Bill

  32. blank Martin says:

    I cant find unsubscribe link unsubscribe me from all Catalogs

  33. blank carmel stanley says:

    Hi Guys, Just received your first catalogues this week, and when I went to Woollies to buy the baby potatoes on special,the guy in fresh veg told me that there is no such special.Upon investigation, he then told me the catalogue specials I am receiving, are only N.S.W. not Victoria, as all stores vary from one state to the other,so is there any way I can get Vic. only.Looking forward to your advice at your earliest convenience. All stores are the same, so I was told. Many Thanks, Carmel.

  34. blank KRISTINE Elizabeth LOCKWOOD says:

    How do I change the email address that I now use

  35. blank Robert Saw says:

    please un-subscribe me from your email list.

  36. blank Ivonne Foo says:

    The Coles online catalogue has changed to swipe through the pages instead of clicking on the arrow to the right like Woolies’ for sometimes now. I found it very annoying cos it’d bounds back to previous page and I have to swipe at least twice to reach the next page. It’s better to change back to the old style and it’s more efficient for us browsers.

  37. blank Roger says:

    Please unsubscribe my email address

  38. blank Colleen OReilly says:

    Your app is not working. Only getting shopping basket pictures. When you click on them it says null

  39. blank Nakita says:

    Your app has not been working since late November 2022.
    I love this app and it’s so easy to work I have had to download another catalogue app and I hate it 😒 I miss this app I check at least 3 time’s a week to see if it’s back up and running PLEASE FIX THE APP

  40. blank Leonard Owens says:

    Love your website – really well done 🙂

  41. blank Lesley says:

    I would like to change my email address please. Cannot find where to do it.
    Thank you, Lesley

  42. blank Michelle says:

    Hi – I am looking for Ikea Australia catalogues from 2000 or mid to late 1990s -do you have any?

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