Australia Post Catalogue

Apart from mailing services, you can use your good old Aus Post as a discount store if you follow the Australia Post Catalogue. It is a publication that showcases a range of products that are on sale. It is often helpful for savvy shoppers who are seeking deals on home products, electronics, office supplies, and similar ones. People also call it Auspost Catalogue.

The most special offers of their store can be seen in their catalogues, especially during the holiday season. Here, you will always have access to the best prices for their products.

AusPost Shop

When you visit their website, your first impression will not be of a person who sees an online store. But they have a shop page where you can find their product range, gifts for special occasions, tech and office products, school supplies, etc. Online shopping is also possible and you can pay via Paypal, too.

Australia Post

Australia Post is the country’s government-owned mail service. Australia and gives people and companies a variety of mail and store services. As part of its services, it delivers mail and packages, sells things like postage stamps and packing materials, helps people apply for passports, and verifies people’s identities.

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