Big W Catalogue Puzzle Toys Christmas 1 – 14 December 2016

Puzzle toys are the best among all type of toy product in my opinion. Others mainly focus on entertainment but puzzle toys educate your children and they have a lot of variety. Big W Catalogue Puzzle Toys Christmas 1 - 14 December 2016With a LEGO pack childre learn to construct, combine and build thinking creatively. That’s a very clever way to play with kids. LEGO packs may be suitable for certain age groups. Be careful about that. LEGO packs of Big W Catalogue can be browsed on pg 2-3. This week big packs are also featured. Special prices by “Save Big” discounts are also currently available.

LEGO is the major part of puzzle toys on sale by many different catalogues and Big W Catalogue offers them on pg 2-3. Star Wars lego packs on pg 2 and Nexo Knights, LEGO City on pg 3 are pretty nice options for everyone.

Assorted LEGO series is priced at $19 for a set. LEGO Friends can be purchased on pg 4 of online catalogue. Board games like Monopoly, Sequence, Cluedo, Guess Who, Articulate, Pictopia and many more are a save big deal. $24 for each !

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