Bob Jane Catalogue Tyre Deals 1 – 28 Feb 2019

Bob Jane T-Mar offers awesome Bridgestone tyres with BOGO deals. Get your 4th tyre for free. Winter is coming and all drivers will need to change their tyres. Sometimes it’s really costly. Many tyre deals are available in Bob Jane Catalogue 1 – 28 Feb. Buy 3 Selected tyres from J-Trax, Bridgestone, Ecopia and get 1 free. When you buy 4 tyres of Yokohama, Michelin and Hankook, you will get $100 cashback. Choose the correct tyre for your car on pg 2. If you use a commercial car, 15″ and 16″ tyres are also available on this page. Bob Jane also offers price guarantee. Bob Jane all-rounder is a budget-friendly tyre and three types of it are available on pg 2. Customize your wheels with the best brands at Bob Jane. The catalogue shows nice deals on wheels as well. Auscar, CSA auto wheels, Roh wheels, are among the brands you can find on pg 4. Jet black wheels and very stable products for years. Get your stainless steel black wheels on your truck. Visit pg 5 for awesome products. American Racing ansen offroad 17″ wheel is only $209!



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