Bob Jane Catalogue Tyre Deals Jan 2020

Bob Jane Catalogue Tyre Deals Jan 2020All car owners should know about the price range of tyres since it’s a regular thing you do maybe a couple of times in a year. In Australia, weather condition might be really bad in winter, but you might still need some solid tyres if you are going somewhere where the temperature falls below 4 C degree. You have some solid deals on brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Bob Jane all-rounder, Radar Tyres, Auscar products are being promoted on the cover page. Also, you have a lot of BOGO deals.

First things to know about the new Bob Jane Catalogue is that it contains great cashback deals and BOGOs. BOGO deals are really important in tyre trade because you usually need more than one tyre. Two different tyres on the same side of the car don’t work. So, I believe Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal on 4×4 tyres that you can see on the first page is a great deal. Go to pg 2 for 4 different types of tyres. If you have a commercial vehicle, you would have too much to risk when you have not new tyres.

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