Bob Jane Catalogue Tyre Deals March 2019

Bob Jane t-marts catalogue offers are a great chance to save on high-quality 4×4 / SUV tyres. You can buy 4th J-Trax 4×4 tyre for free after buying 3 of them. $100 cash back wyb 4 selected tyres. Buy 3 selected tyres and get 1 free from Bridgestone and J-Trax. Bob Jane Catalogue performance, passenger, budget, and commercial tyres are available on pg 2. Find and see the prices of top brands tyres on that page. The lowest price is on Radar Tyres. You can buy one 175/70 R13 82T for only $59 at Bob Jane. Of course, the price is also for the services like fitting, balance etc. See more sizes of tyres from different brands such as Michelin on pg 3.
Moreover, Bob Jane offers a price guarantee! These tyres are also satisfaction guaranteed. Use run flat tyres not to stop anywhere whatever happens. Run-flat tyres can go on at a moderate speed even when they are damaged and you got a warning from your car. BMW cars usually got run flats. However, take note that these will ruin the fuel economy since they are heavier than other tyres. Also, see the good-looking wheels which are pretty popular for people who like to customize their cars. Visit pg 4 for the wheel deals on trak, hotwire, vorst, RF3 etc.

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