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Bunnings Catalogue February 2017 power tools, gardening tools, new price drops and a lot of warehouse deals you can currently shop for the new prices.

Bunnings Catalogue updated weekly and daily. With the top quality of home improvement products, hardwares, power tools and hand tools build up the best place to live. Bunnings prices are featured on these catalogues. Bunnings Warehouse online catalogues featuring home improvement and DIY products. Great products of Bunnings Warehouse can be found on this page.

Bunnings Gift Cards

Do you have trouble with choosing gifts for special days ? The Bunnings Warehouse, which has 100 years experience in trade of hardware, has awesome gift cards either electronic or real.Bunnings Gift Card CatAu If you don’t like to select a gift card for your father or grandpa or let them just choose whatever they want to buy for their DIY projects or house, Bunnings gift cards are perfect for you. 6 different gift cards are available. from $10 to $500. However, you can order maximum $2000 worth gift cards at once. The same applies for the e-gift card, too. You can personlise it with a photo. Any Bunnings store will accept this gift card. If you choose e-gift card you won’t have to pay for the shipping. Add a message and a photo of your choice and send it to whom you want to gift.

Awesome wide range of Bunnings Warehouse will be probably satisfying for whatever you want to find. Another option is for corporates. If you are thinking professional, download the Bunnings form, fill it to send Bunnings e-mail. You can also personalise these gift cards. If you have a firm, co-workers group or something like these it would be classy. There are options for sending to NZ, too. bunnings.co.nz will be helping you in that case. Don’t forget to check out latest Bunnings Catalogue as well. Enjoy Shopping at Bunnings.

Bathroom: Bunnings Catalogue February 2017

Change your bathroom with the special range of Bunnings which aims to introduce you the top bathroom products made of premium quality, designed for modern bathroom and suitable for most homes. Bathroom Bunnings Catalogue February 2017Toilet suites, towel rails, bath types, sink mixers and many more products are available in this catalogue of the warehouse. Furthermore Bunnings also offers kitchen products with a similar understanding of that of the bathroom. Please go to pg 10-11 for all products. Some of the good deals were included in this post. That’s not all.

Do you prefer bath tub or a shower cabin ? When you renew your bathroom, it’s one of the first questions you might ask yourself. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some people like to have both. And some even combine them together but I doubt that would work since bath tub base is not completely flat while a shower cabin provides that comfort. And mind that bath tub is mostly more expensive than a shower cabin.

– The first issue to me is splashing. Of course without a screen, the water would splash all over the place when using a bath tub.
– Some dermatologists say soaking your body long time in a bath may result in drying your skin.
– Another aspect of this comparison is the danger for planet. Since baths take a lot of water, shower cabin could be pointed as winner, however if you take a shower for half an hour, that’s not saving planet 😀
– Another point is the view. Baths are generally preferred in classic houses when it comes to completing a fashion in bathroom designing.
– Finally their prices:

Bunnings offers shower cabin for only $199 and $429. However baths are naturally much more expensive than this. Freestanding modern bath is only $1126 and other baths are over $1500 which can be seen on pg 10.

Mondella Concerto Rectangle Shower Drain $155
Mondella Rococo Rail Shower $122
Estilo Toilet Cistern $77
Caroma Cosmo Single Towel Rail $44.70

Power Tools Bunnings Catalogue February 2017

Bunnings and its price guarantee make everyone ensured about what they are shopping for.Power Tools Bunnings Catalogue February 2017 Perfectly prepared range of power tools on pg 8 and hand tools on pg 9 will be your primary help in every type of DIY work or regular works of your daily life. From drill sets to saw blades, there is a wide product range and 6 of highlighted products. It doesn’t have to state these are on sale because everything in Bunnings stores is always at the best price. I know this because of the “price guarantee”. I never tried this guarantee but if anyone of you did, please let me know. They state if you find a cheaper price at anywhere else, they will beat that price by 10%. That’s how I know it’s the price you pay for any product in stocks of Bunnings Warehouse.

Highlighted products of power tools and hand tools on pg 8-9:

Gerni 1520psi High Pressure Cleaner $98
Frost 19 Pce Metric Drill Set $29.98
Ryobi One+ 18V Drill Driver Kit $199

Irwin 150mm Mini Quick Action Clamps $29.90
Diablo 184mm Circular Saw Blade $32.95
Kincrome 9 Drawer Combo $499

Circular saw types, air compressors are also available. Bunnings price for 255mm sliding compound mitre saw is only $459 ! Many more products like this one are featured in the Bunnings Catalogue.

Ozito 24L 1.5HP Air Compressor $129
Ryobi Airwave 50L 2.0HP Air Compressor $199
Ryobi 1000W Inverter Generator $599
Smart-Bit Pre-Drilling & Countersinking Tool $29.93
Craftright 15 Pce Masonry Drill Bit Set $7.90

Power tools solely are not sufficient to handle your daily works. Hammers, storage products, level sets, scissors and many more hand tools are necessary tools to make everything simple. If you are creating a working place you absolutely need most of these, if not, some. Remember the policy of Bunnings, and relax enjoying shopping for your favourite brands.

Craftright 3m Tape Measure $2.95
Craftright 150mm F-Clamp $8.15
Trojan 26 Pce Screwdriver Set $29.98
Craftright Plastic Tool Box $4
Rhino Galvanised Tool Box $19.99
NWS 3 Pce Plier Set $59
Irwin 500mm Hand Saw $9.98

Bunnings Catalogue Garden February 2017

New garden deals and power tools came up with the current Bunnings Catalogue. Bunnings Catalogue Garden February 2017You can take advice and set a new range of tools for your garden. Add awesome products in your inventory and pick them from Bunnings Catalogues. They got brilliant price range and a really extensive product list in this catalogue. Moreover, as you know, they have price guarantee. If you find a cheaper price they’ll beat it by 10% ! Highlighted products for your garden places a spotlight on the importance of beauty of a garden. Sophisticated devices from all around the world and the top brands mean you can trust Bunnings. You get effective results with such quality.

Clam Shell Sandpit $13.45
The Organic Garden Co. Raised Garden Bed $99
Coolaroo Handy Shadecloth $24.45
Victa 140cc Classic Cut Lawn Mower $399
Ozito 2400W Electric Blower Vac $49
Toplift Trunk Trolley Courier $99

These are important highligts from the current Bunnings warehouse catalogue. If you go further, plants, watering products, mulch, potting mix, pots and tips for feeding a garden are appearing. On pg 4-5 you may choose a new nice hose or a saver. Pots are available too. Three highlighted products are worth to see this week.

Indoorables 125mm $9.87 pg 4
Grow hose extra premium $39
Resin whiskey barrel planter $19 pg 5

If you are looking for improving the comfort in your yard, portable products are featured on pg 6-7. Usage of these products can also be suitable for your outdoor activities. Other weekly catalogues can also give you ideas of outdoor products too. Currently there are not special outdoor sales in the catalogue as far as I saw but I believe there will be some soon. Check out what Bunnings Catalogue offers on pg 6&7.

Marquee 3 pce Bistro setting $48 pg 6
Marquee Directors chair $28
Marquee 9 pce Atlantis setting $269

Marquee cantilever umbrella 3m $68 pg 7
Double Hammock and frame $69
3m round market umbrella $98

Bunnings Warehouse Price Guarantee

Bunnings Warehouse is a really competitive store in home improving products and DIY products. They provide power tools, gardening products, furniture, electrical items, watering products and all the other things you might need to use can easily be found at stores of Bunnings. In addition to this extensive product range and premium service for all customers, they also show how competitive they are with their price policy. Excluding “trade quotes, stocks and commercial quantities” as originally they stated on their official site, they offer 10% price drop of which
you found at another store for the same product, if that’s the price lower than what Bunnings offer. In shorter sentence, they beat that price by 10%.

Remember that the price you find must be valid for an item readily stocked by Bunnings warehouse in Australia. That item must also be physically stocked at the store you found in Australia. This price include taxes and fees etc. Check out the original information on bunnings.com.au. You know this is a relief for most customers because with this way Bunnings also guarantees to save your time too. With knowing this, you would not go to another place to compare the prices. And since Bunnings got almost all type of products and brands, you can be sure you have the best option you got at Bunnings for the specific item you decided to buy ! Enjoy shopping at Bunnings and always browse Bunnings Catalogue to see everything in order. It’s useful when you make a shopping list for this type of items you need.