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Bunnings Catalogue March 2017 power tools, gardening tools, new price drops and a lot of warehouse deals you can currently shop for the new prices.

Bunnings Catalogue updated weekly and daily. With the top quality of home improvement products, hardwares, power tools and hand tools build up the best place to live. Bunnings prices are featured on these catalogues. Bunnings Warehouse online catalogues featuring home improvement and DIY products. Great products of Bunnings Warehouse can be found on this page. Follow on Twitter for updates:

Electrical Products Bunnings Catalogue March 2017

Solutions to save energy at your house can be derived with the modern technology lighting and air conditioning systems. Electrical Products Bunnings Catalogue March 2017With Bunnings Catalogue I believe you can find plenty of products to sustain energy saving while you save money, too. Energizer, Arlec, Duracell, belkin and more leading brands of the industry are being sold at Bunnings. There are many methods to save energy. Especially when the energy is electricity. For example air conditioning must not be placed near other electronic devices that could evolve heat when operating. Otherwise thermostat of the air conditioning can sense overheat and end up with consuming unnecessary amount of electricity. If you have a garden consider placing trees surrounding your house. That will build a natural wall against wind, particularly, in winter. Consider insulating your duct system, uplugging non-operating electronics and many more options will save energy as well. Don’t forget about global warming. We are in a world drying day by day.

One of the most important thing about saving energy is about using quality electrical products. Always buy well respected brands or the things you know about its true quality. For example, Osram 6.8W LED A shape globe, Solar LED sensor light and similar products would be useful. You can see all of these products on the latest catalogue, too. But to shop go to official page of Bunnings.

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Paints and Storage Bunnings Catalogue March 2017

Bunnings offers new paint products, tools and essentials for cleaning. Basic tools including rollers, brush and kits are among the deals which Bunnings Catalogue contains. Paints and Storage Bunnings Catalogue March 2017On pg 2 you can reach quality items for painting, save money, get price guaranteed products. You get details about featured products and leading brands which are retailed by this warehouse. With a wide product range, highly skilled team and satisfying availability I believe you will enjoy shopping at the stores of the brand.

One of the featured products on pg 2 paints is Cabot’s Aquadeck 4L natural exterior decking oil. It’s one of the premium quality decking oil types. Low odour and high durability make it a special product for DIY lovers. Unlike a standard cheap product, this penetrates timber for a beautiful look and protection. You can use it for fences, too. As you know, sun light may crack decking oils. This product can protect the timber and itself against sunlight with UV protection feature. Its price at Bunnings is only $70.90.

If you have moisturised surfaces in your home they might deform by time because of humidity. You can use Taubmans easycoat 4L white interior walls low sheen paint to protect your walls from humdity, hence, the bacterial formation. Fungus, mildew form in areas with high water. So it’s a useful and fairly priced product at Bunnings. The price for this product is only $49.90

4L Prep 4 In 1 $55.50
Taubmans 4L endure interior $65.80
Feast Watson 4L Wet Look Deck $84.90
Spring 4L Flat Plastic $11.90

Storage Products

Award 35L storage container is a practical product with wheels. This handy product can be purchased for only $6.98 at Bunnings. It’s also stable, suitable for everyday carrying in your home.Paints and Storage Bunnings Catalogue March 2017 3 Also find colourful variety of plastic buckets on pg 3. That’s a general purpose, polypropylene material. Use it in your home for carrying anything suitable. Each is $.95 at Bunnings. Storage, cleaning and more products are available on pg 3 of the catalogue.

Handy Storage 4 Shelf Galvanised Unit $12.49
Wrap & Move Bubble Wrap $9.94
Montgomery 60L Heavy Duty Storage Container $10
Romak 2 Door Cabinet $139
All Set 88L Storage Container $14.98

Bunnings Catalogue Kitchens March 2017

Modernize your kitchen and improve to cook better, clean well, enjoy all the time spend in it. Bunnings Catalogue Kitchens March 2017The only way to maintain that for you is to love it. Check out Bunnings Catalogue Kitchen March 2017 including settings of kitchens and parts of it. Galley, U shaped, L Shaped kitchens are different types at Bunnings. It of course, depends on the structure of your house. Bellini, Kaboodle are leading brands in the kitchen furniture.

Kaboodle Straight Line Kitchen from $1567
Kaboodle L Shaped Kitchen $2375
Kaboodle U Shaped Kitchen $2703
Kaboodle Galley Kitchen $2812
Kaboodle Wall Cabinet $70.74
Bellini 60cm Appliance Package $598
Marquee High Gloss Benchtop $75

Think of new steel sinks which are perfectly clean and you got rid of the old dirty thing at your home. Bunnings offers low fair prices and they guarantee this price across the whole Australia.

Mondella Stainless Steel Sink $127
Estilo pin lever sink mixer $77
Villa sink mixer $176
Glazed ceramic water filter $78
45L laundry trough & cabinet $183
Broom cupboard $376

Gardening Tools Bunnings Catalogue March 2017

This week a new Bunnings Catalogue has been published. As the new season upcoming, you might be in need of reorganising and trimming your garden.Gardening Tools Bunnings Catalogue March 2017 Prefer professional ways of doing it, choose your tools in the right way and get them for lower prices. Lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, forks, hand tools, bags and more will be needed for winter preps of garden. So much work to be done in Fall before winter. Cleaning up planted material comes at first place. You can do chemical tests, and save the leaves to get natural leaf mold. There plenty of options in the list to do. But first take a look at the Bunnings Warehouse products, and think of how to make things easier.

Makita 25.7cc Line Trimmer $199
Fiskars Extension Tree Pruner $68.90
Victa 140cc Classic Cut Lawn Mower $399
Cyclone Post Hole Shovel $48.95

While preparing your garden for winter, remember to leave vegetables. Veggies like cauliflower can attract the insects or harmful worms eventually killing them. A tricky technique to care about your ground. Special mulch prices are featured on pg 15. Find watering pot and insect sprays there. Your vegetables will die in winter. So cleaning up your garden is vitally important. Remember to get the best deals by Bunnings Catalogue.

Are some of the powerful tools for your garden. Follow this category for next catalogue of the warehouse.

Bunnings Gift Cards

Do you have trouble with choosing gifts for special days ? The Bunnings Warehouse, which has 100 years experience in trade of hardware, has awesome gift cards either electronic or real.Bunnings Gift Card CatAu If you don’t like to select a gift card for your father or grandpa or let them just choose whatever they want to buy for their DIY projects or house, Bunnings gift cards are perfect for you. 6 different gift cards are available. from $10 to $500. However, you can order maximum $2000 worth gift cards at once. The same applies for the e-gift card, too. You can personlise it with a photo. Any Bunnings store will accept this gift card. If you choose e-gift card you won’t have to pay for the shipping. Add a message and a photo of your choice and send it to whom you want to gift.

Awesome wide range of Bunnings Warehouse will be probably satisfying for whatever you want to find. Another option is for corporates. If you are thinking professional, download the Bunnings form, fill it to send Bunnings e-mail. You can also personalise these gift cards. If you have a firm, co-workers group or something like these it would be classy. There are options for sending to NZ, too. bunnings.co.nz will be helping you in that case. Don’t forget to check out latest Bunnings Catalogue as well. Enjoy Shopping at Bunnings.