Chemist Warehouse Fragrance Gifts

Chemist Warehouse Fragrance GiftsChemist Warehouse Catalogue offers fragrance gifts for Mother’s Day. Browse the prices of popular brand EDP or EDT products on pg 12-13. You can choose a great gift from this fragrance range. For example, take Eva Longoria Evamour 50mL EDP that will cost only $6.99. This is the second perfume of Eva Longoria. This product is more for fun than the first one according to the actress. Another product on this part of the Chemist Warehouse Frangrance gifts is Ed Hardy hearts & daggers 50mL EDP which is only $9.99. Most people voted this fragrance near 4-star on It’s an interesting website where you can find comments on these fragrances. After all, without smelling the perfume, which is hard now, you can’t decide. Comments are really important when it comes to fragrance.

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