Chemist Warehouse Mother’s Day Sale 24 Apr – 10 May 2020

Chemist Warehouse Mother's Day Sale 24 Apr - 10 May 2020Mother’s Day gifts are fragrance variety on the cover page of the latest Chemist Warehouse Catalogue. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Lancome, Gucci, and more might be inspiring products. Chemist Warehouse prices are even more inspiring. Lower costs and cashback deals in health care are in this catalogue. Eye care products including Systane, Optive Fusion, Refresh, and more brands are available on pg 2. Chemist Warehouse Mother’s day sale 24 Apr – 10 May has supplement deals, too. If your mother uses supplements like vitamins, minerals, and vegan versions of them, this store is a good place to buy them. Supplements can get costly. Why not help mother on Mother’s Day buying some of them for her. Healthy Care products like wild krill oil, fish oil, CoEnzyme Q10, and more items are viewable on pg 4.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic or Coronavirus, people seek ways to boost their immune system but according to many experts, you can only do what you would do on a normal day. There is no proven medicine or vaccine against this novel (new) Coronavirus. However, that means experts don’t know much about the illness. At the end of the day, taking vitamins at a normal dose is not harmful. But from what I read, the main help from vitamins is being sure that you take all your need for vitamins. That may work when you are unsure about your diet. Say, you have eaten only pizza for a day. Pizza may not contain all the vitamins you need. A multi-vitamin pill can help and then you can be sure you take all your needs. Swisse has immune support products. Also, vitamin C is known to be effective against the flu. But it’s common flu. Not this new virus. Check out all deals of Chemist Warehouse Mother’s Day Sale.

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