Countdown Deals 11 – 17 Sep 2023

This week’s best specials are advertised deals in the Countdown Mailer. Use this new catalogue to see half-price items like Dairy Milk, Caramilk, Sunsilk Shampoo, and many others. Explore the deals on chicken, specials, fresh deals, and more products in the fresh sections. Countdown offers at least 30% off V Energy Drink, Sealord Tuna, Moccona Coffee. Game Ready breakfast, entertaining range is available in the new mailer. The deals are really cool. Weet-Bix special packs stat attack will cost $7.10 and that’s $1.10 cheaper. Find more deals in game snacks and drinks. I think Spring cleaning sale is one of the great categories. Check out Countdown Deals 11 – 17 Sep 2023:

Countdown Deals 11 - 17 Sep 2023

  • 33% off fresh beef corned silverside
  • at least 25% off Best Foods Mayonnaise, Alpine Butter Block, Pascall Confectionery
  • at least 20% off whole chicken, fresh chicken legs, lamb legs, Chesdale cheese slices, and more
  • at least 20% off Maggi Super or Fusian Noodle Cup, San Remo Pasta
  • Baby Week deals: Huggies Baby Wipes, Treasures Convenience Nappies, and many more
  • Spring Cleaning Sale: Surf, Huggies, Tuffy, Chux, Dettol products

Check out these deals in the specials section of nonfood categories in Countdown Mailer 11 – 17 Sep 2023:

  • Tresemm√© 940ml, Head & Shoulders 350/400ml Shampoo or Conditioner $10
  • Paseo 3Ply Toilet Tissue 12 Pack or Long Roll 8 Pack $8
  • Decor Fresh Seal Clips Oblong 7L $12.25

And many more products are available in the Countdown Mailer. Subscribe to the newsletter of to receive these deals.

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