Countdown Deals 17 – 23 Jul 2023

Countdown Mailer shows quite a few deals on regular grocery items, pantry products, snacks, fresh produce, and more. The store can be a great choice for everyone who is seeking special offers. Sanitarium Up & Go 3 Pack, Wattie’s Complex Mix, and more items are featured offers on the front page. Check out the great price for Winter section on this catalogue. White Washed Potatoes is only $10. You can buy freshly cooked cookies for only $7 this week. Back-to-school sale is also important. If you use the deals from the back-to-school category, you can buy items like peanut butter, sliced ham, and more products at cheaper prices.

Countdown Deals 17 - 23 Jul 2023

Special Sale from Countdown Deals 17 – 23 Jul:

  • Countdown Fresh Beef Sirloin Steak $25.90/kg
  • Loose Royal Gala Apples $3.30 kg
  • Countdown Pre-Packed Carrots or Brown Onions 1.5kg $3.50
  • Gregg’s Coffee Sachets 10 Pack or Refills 75-100g $3.60
  • Sanitarium Up & Go 3 Pack $4

Great Price For Winter:

  • Countdown Cheesy Beef, Classic Beef, Classic Pork, Italian Pork 6 Pack, Breakfast 10 Pack Sausages or Beef & Pork Burgers 4 Pack 3 for $20
  • Countdown Pre-Packed Washed White Potatoes 4kg $10 pack
  • Golden Crumpets Round 6 Pack 2 for $5.50

Great deals on groceries:

  • Pascall Confectionery 120-180g $2.50 pg 5
  • Campbell’s Country Ladle or Chunky Soup 495-505g $3
  • Much Moore Awesome Ice Cream 2L $6
  • Birds Eye Fish Fillets 425g $6.80

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