Countdown Deals 18 – 24 Sep 2023

Countdown offers fresh deals as the catalogue starts. Save at least 25% off Wattie’s, Special Blend, and more products on the first page. Countdown Deals 18 – 24 Sep 2023 covers specials, too. Greek yoghurt is on sale. Get your probiotic in natural way. You gotta supply your body with vitamin c as the season is changing. Orange juice is perfect for that. Buy Kerri juice or drink for only $3.90. Club Prices for your favourite can be interesting deals, too. Discover new drinks in the mailer. Tongariro Natural Spring Water is only $1.30 and you can save $.20 on that product. Many others are waiting for you in the Countdown Mailer.

Countdown Deals 18 - 24 Sep 2023

  • At least 25% off Wattie’s, Special Blend, Bluebird, and more products
  • Specials: Yoplait Greek Yoghurt, Kerri Juice or drink, and more
  • Countdown Fresh Beef Blade Steak or Beef Bolar Roast $17.90 kg
  • At Least 50% off Pringles, Snickers, Bounty, and more products
  • Specials: Pedigree, High Protein, Sorbent and more
  • Try new products like So Good oat, soy, almond

Discover new products like these:

  • Tongariro Natural Spring Water 750ml $1.30
  • Vital Zing Water Drops 45ml $4.20
  • Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink 250ml Cans 8 Pack $14.40
  • Vista Sparkling Water 330ml Cans 8 Pack $11.20
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lime 1.5L $3

Many more are available in the Countdown Mailer. Don’t forget to see these deals. Countdown Deals 18 – 24 Sep 2023 are great offers for every deal hunter.

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