Countdown Mailer Deals 17 – 23 Apr 2023

Special sale of the Countdown Catalogue starts from the first page. You can buy So Good Almond and Soy, lamb chops, and more products. Half-price deals, Coke, Sprite and more products are featured offers in the early part of the catalogue. Mailers are really helpful for everyone who wants to save on their regular needs like groceries and fresh foods. Countdown Mailer Deals 17 – 23 Apr 2023 can offer products like Ziploc, Coco Pops, and Nature Valley in the specials section of the grocery sale. Check out the recipes of Gooey Caramel Anzac Slice. The catalogue also tries to introduce the best deals on cheese, smoked salmon, and more products.

Countdown Mailer 17 - 23 Apr 2023

See these deals on the new Countdown Mailer:

  • Sanitarium So Good Almond or Soy UHT Milk 1L 2 for $6
  • Countdown Mild, Colby or Edam Cheese Block 500g $5
  • Countdown Canola Oil 750ml $2.20 pg 2
  • Coca-Cola Bottles 1.5L $2
  • Just Juice 1L $1.65
  • Bluebird Twisties, Cheezels, Burger Rings or Rashuns 120g $1.30

Specials and cereals:

  • Harraways Rolled Oats 800g or Scotch Oats 850g $3.50
  • Nature Valley Crunchy 252g or Protein 160g Bars $3.90
  • Ziploc Sandwich Bags XL 30s $1.75

Browse all the other deals in this Countdown Mailer to make sure you got the best prices of everything. They also have a section for cleaning products. Ajax, Scotch Brite, Vanish Gold, and more are available in the cleaning section.

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