Countdown Mailer Hot Specials 4 – 10 May 2020

Some popular products of the grocery aisle of Countdown grocery are on sale. Also, you’ll find some Mother’s Day gift ideas on the Countdown Mailer today. Browse all Countdown Mailer hot specials for 4 – 10 May. All the prices are valid for a week. L&P bottles 1.5L will cost only $1 and that deal should be valid today. The fresh sale of the supermarket is also impressive. Take a look at those appetizing fresh ideas including orange and broccoli. Buy chicken breast, marinate them, pan-fry them for a nice meal with some pasta. You can also find sauces for your pasta. If you are staying at home most of the time, you might have time for cooking. Improve your skills saving on the necessary ingredients. Countdown Mailer is a good source to find good prices of all of them. Also, refreshing beverage is one of the parts of this catalogue.

Just Juice, canned fish, Cadbury chocolate blocks, and more enjoyable foods are going to be on sale for a week. Also, don’t miss the new lower prices of non-food items in the supermarket. This supermarket is a subsidiary of Woolworths and its retail strategy looks similar, too. In the mid part of this mailer, you will find the prices of non-food products, supplements, cleaning supplies, pet products, etc.

Check out these Countdown Mailer hot specials 4 – 10 May:

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