Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun – 5 Jul 2020

You have new half-price deals regarding the specials in the Countdown Mailer. Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun - 5 Jul 2020I think most of them are must-see deals if you want to save on your regular shopping expenses. They have a range of half prices on pg 2. Not all of them are food products. For example, you can buy Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting night cream 50g or serum 50mL for only $24.50! Countdown supermarket may be a good place to shop the essentials such as eggs, meat, butter, and you can find quick ideas like stir-fry mix, too. Ingham’s frozen whole chicken 2.3kg will cost only $10. Favourite snacks, chocolate blocks, candies, and more are also on sale at Countdown supermarket this week. V Energy Drink and Bounty chocolate will both cost half. Check out some of these half-price deals by Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun – 5 Jul:

Countdown Meat and Fresh Produce Sale

One of the things you should definitely see this week. If you want to buy some high-quality fresh products or pre-packaged vegetables, check out this part of the catalog. It’s really easy to make some vegetable soup. Just mix your favourite vegetables, fry them just a little bit and add water to boil. Countdown Mailer Specials 29 Jun – 5 Jul are fresh products and meat on pg 13-16.

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