Countdown Sale 21 – 27 Aug 2023

Countdown offers at least 40% off Sultana Bran, Wattie’s Mixed Vege, Eta Uppercuts. You have specials in the new mailer. Browse deals on products like red meat, chicken in the new mailer. Don’t forget to see the recipe of Peri-BBQ chicken wrap. Winter treats are on sale. Nothing beats the joy of chocolate spreading in your mouth. Cadbury Caramilk, Lotus Biscoff Biscuits, M&M’s, Skittles, and more are all featured deals in the Winter treats category. In fact, Countdown Sale 21 – 27 Aug 2023 in this mailer covers a range of desserts including ice cream.

Countdown Sale 21 - 27 Aug 2023

  • At least 40% off Sultana Bran, Wattie’s mixed vege, Nescaf√© Classic Coffee Refills, Eta Uppercuts
  • Specials including fresh’n fruity, Countdown cheese block, Wattie’s Fries, Hoki, and more
  • At Least 35% off Delmaine Beans, Twisties, Wattie’s Hearty Soup, and more
  • Dessert Your Way: TipTop ice cream, Sara Lee, Magnum, and more ice cream
  • Health care, medical supplies, and more are also available in the catalogue.

You can subscribe to the newsletter of to get more of these Countdown Mailers. The mailer contains more specials, half-price items and medical supplies. The final part of the catalogue is more about daily health care products. Don’t forget seeing these if you are interested in good deals of the store.

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