Countdown Supermarket Mailer 11 – 17 Mar 2024

The new mailer has many great deals for you. One of those many deals is available one the first page. You can save 30% off free farmed pork leg or shoulder roast bone in. Go to the fresh deals section where gold pears, orange kumara, and more products are on sale. There are also everyday rewards of products like Powerade, Bluebird, Best Foods Mayonnaise, and more.

Countdown Supermarket Mailer 11 - 17 Mar 2024

A part of the catalogue is about the Easter sale. You can buy hot cross buns this week at Countdown stores. You can buy Woolworths brioche chocolate hot cross buns 6 pack for only $5.20.

Check out these products in the Countdown Mailer:

  • Woolworths Free From Gluten Traditional Fruit or Gluten Chocolate or Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack $7
  • Rainbow Marshmallow Eggs 6 Pack $3
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk or Crunchie Hollow Egg 100-110g $4
  • Cadbury Mini Bagged Eggs 110-125g $5
  • Lindt Gold Bunny 200g $11.90

More Easter specials from Countdown supermarket Mailer 11 – 17 Mar:

  • Easter Laying Plush Bunny Grey or Beige $18
  • Smarties or Milky Bar Bunny 85-88g $6.50
  • Cookie Crumble, Bubble O’Bill or Splice Pine Boxed Egg 130-160g $9.90
  • Cadbury Creme Egg Favourites 820g $15.90
  • Easter Mini Characters Bunnies or Chicks 3 Pack $4 pack pg 9
  • Easter Metal Pail $5
  • Easter Cupcake Cases & Picks Set 12 Pack $5

You can find many more Easter products in the mailer. You can expect to receive them in your email when you subscribe to the newsletter. Get more details on

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