Countdown & New World Mailer Easter Deals 3 – 9 April 2023

Countdown and New World Mailers are great special offers for Easter. Countdown has traditionally beloved hot cross buns, mini eggs, and more products at lower prices. New World starts with Red Hot Easter deals. Lamb Leg Roast, Galaxy Camembert, Lo Bros Kombucha, and more items will cost cheaper. Check out both mailers to see what you can save this week for Easter.

Countdown Mailer 3 – 9 Apr 2023

Check out the new deals on fresh meat and chicken in the new catalogue. Countdown Mailer 3 – 9 Apr 2023 offers quite a few deals on grocery items. Hot Hot Specials are the first things to see in the new catalogue.

Countdown Mailer 3 - 9 Apr 2023

  • From Hot Specials:
  • Countdown Fresh Lamb Leg Roast Bone In $11.90
  • Countdown Traditional, Hershey’s Choc, Fruitless 6 Pack or Mini 9 Pack Hot Cross Buns $4
  • Coca-Cola 330ml Cans 30 Pack $23.80

From the Great Price

  • Best Foods Mayonnaise 810g $11.90 pg 2
  • Griffin’s Cookie Bear Snack Crackers 140g $2
  • Cute & Co. Nappies 28-48 Pack or Nappy Pants 26-30 Pack $16

New World Mailer 3 – 9 Apr 2023

New World has Red Hot Easter deals that you might wanna use to prepare for the special day. The new offers included Coke, M&M’s, and more tasty favourites of customers on the front page. Check out these items this week on the mailer.

New World Mailer 3 - 9 Apr 2023

  • More deals from New World: 
  • Cadbury, m&m’s Ranges from $4.99
  • Coca-Cola/ Sprite/L&P/ Fanta/Lift 1.5L $1.99
  • Lamb Leg Roast Bone In $10.99 kg
  • Proper Crisps 140g/150g $3.99 pg 2
  • Streets Magnum 4s/ Mini 6s/Ice Cream Pint 440ml $7.99
  • Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L $10.99
  • Ingham’s Red Box Chicken 350g/400g $9.99

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