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Jaycar is a centre of electrical products, hardware, security equipment, professional tools, ups and many more products. There are also publishes of Jaycar for scientific purposes. An annual catalogue of Jaycare contains thousands of professional products and hundreds of new ones. It’s a guide for those who want to improve their technology with DIY projects. Being a very useful source, it also guides people the good prices. Download the PDF versions of the annual catalogues. Computer components that are particularly important for mainboard are also in the catalogues of Jaycar. It’s a wonderful place for geeks and professionals who love to make a lot of projects. Since it has many good deals it’s popular amongst people as well. The brand also opens new branches across the whole country. Currently, there are over 200 stores. Long story short, you are able to find the greatest of electrical products and professional guide with these catalogues.

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Jaycar Catalogue October 2021

Jaycar Catalogue celebrates 40th year. You can participate with saving on some beautiful electronics. Retro game console, solar panel, powerbank, or any other kind of geeky electronic item can be found on the new catalogue. Handheld radios are featured items of the new catalogue. Find them on the second page. Improve the security of your workplace or home with kits. 4 ch wifi NVR kit with 4x full HD camera will be $699 this week. In October, you can find auto accessories, too. Dash cams are o Read More...


Jaycar Catalogue Fathers Day August 2021

If you dad loves electrical hardware, DIY projects, or works in an area related to similar products, you might not be able to think of a better Father's Day catalogue than Jaycar's current sale. Concord Full HD 4 Camera DVR kit, Portable HD projector and that sort of home electronics or electrical products are also available in the catalogue content. These products are on sale, too. R/C superfast buggy is one of those products. Check out 5th page for Father's Day gift guide. If the catalogue Read More...

Jaycar Catalogue Tax Time Sale 18 - 30 Jun 2020

Browse all items of Jaycar Catalogue Tax Time Sale today. One of the recently released EOFY sales is from Jaycar Catalogue. Jaycar Catalogue Tax Time SaleMany useful electrical products that are professionally needed can be tax-deductible. Explore the deals of Jaycar Catalogue for possibly much cheaper prices of all these. Jaycar Tax Time savings are discounts up to 35% off. Fridge, freezer, and coolers are on the cover page of the catalogue. You have the Brass Monkey 12V ultra-portable fridge/freezers from only $309.

Buy home security products at Jaycar stores. Keep your entire home safe. Have the privilege of being able to monitor the surrounding, too. If you have a big house and valuable belongings in your home, you need these products essentially. The price of 720p wireless camera & DVR with 7" LCD is only $249. Save $80 on that product.

In this catalogue sale, you can find UHF Radios, soldering and workbench essentials, and more. The catalogue is only 5 pages long but it has significantly important deals. Browse some deals from Jaycar Catalogue Tax Time Sale 18 - 30 Jun:

See the details in the catalogue.

Jaycar Catalogue Retro Arcade Game Consoles

Jaycar Catalogue Retro Arcade Game ConsolesBring back the late 80s with some products by Jaycar Catalogue. People who were born in the 90s and 80s should remember these childhood memories. From Street Fighter to Metal Gear Solid, there were awesome games that we all enjoyed. If you like to set up your own system, some coding, raspberry pi, your imagination, and a little bit of aesthetics can take your somewhere. Try your project seeking what you need on this Jaycar Catalogue. Deals are valid until 23 May.

Jaycar Catalogue 3D Printers 24 Apr - 23 May 2020

Jaycar Catalogue 3D Printers 24 Apr - 23 May 2020Check out Jaycar Catalogue 3D Printers and the newest prices. With dual filament 3D printers, you'll be able to mix colours. Plus, the products have dual cooling fans. Touch screen, silicon platform and SD memory card slot are the main features of these Jaycar 3D printers. 3D printer tech has been developing and modern internet communication are already integrated systems in many of them. Take Flashforge Adventurer 3 which provides cloud connection so that you won't need to carry a flash stick everywhere. This 3D printer also has a built-in camera. Connect it with wi-fi or ethernet and access your files in your cloud. The price of the Flashforge Adventurer 3 will be $899 at Jaycar stores this month.

Think the opposite. If you need the mesh of an object, there are easy ways to capture. 3D scanners can help with that. I once used the Xbox 3D scanner and obtained millions of polygons. You don't want to deal with millions so eventually, you do a retopology process. Desktop 3D scanner V2 with software is what you can find at Jaycar. It's not very cheap. You need to pay $1499 and it's in stock. For a quick 3D scan, I think the price is fair. Think of the benefits, if you have plans to design a game you can easily get what the object you need to be in your game in your 3D software. Check out these Jaycar Catalogue 3D Printers and prices:

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