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One of the biggest retailers of electronics has weekly specials and top deals on catalogues. You can browse here JB Hi-Fi Catalogue to see deals on computers, TVs, sound products, phones, game consoles and games, cameras, fitness equipment, and more categories. The prices of electronics can be really expensive. Catalogues collect the best prices of the week for you and they show big discounts like half prices or 30-40% price drops. Eventually, you are able to reduce the cost of the laptop you have been thinking of buying. Microsoft, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Google, and more brands are usually featured brands and many more are also available. JB Hi-Fi is a store to learn about new technological trends, too.

The catalogues can also show the availability of the recently released DVD movies. Music CDs, movies, console and PC games are usually on sale in catalogues. Home improvement and appliances are people’s favorite sections. If you want to buy a new fridge and looking for a good price, come check out the latest JB Hi-Fi Catalogue in case there is a chance to see a discount.

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JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Hisense UHD TV Deal Nov 2019

Hisense 55" UHD TV is a smart TV that can run apps like Netflix, Youtube, Stan, and more that are the most popular streaming apps all around the world. It has a 4K resolution featuring HDR. It's an important thing to have HDR. For example, the God of War is a game that requires HDR for its better quality visuals. However, you can still play it even though your TV doesn't have it. The TV can connect to your Wi-Fi. 4 HDMI inputs, 2x USB Ports. Standard. 16 million colours should also be noted when you consider buying such a TV. You would probably buy an external high-quality sound system but the TV also has Dolby digital sound. Also, the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for the product. Enjoy your favourite movies for only $595. The stocks are limited. Even a better discount is available on the same page. Save $600 on 65" QLED TV of Samsung. It's also a 4K TV. QLEDS apparently have a great impact on TV and cinema lovers because Samsung keeps advertising these. This Samsung QLED TV is $1895 currently with limited stocks on JB Hi-Fi Catalogue and in-store.

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JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Guitar Prices Nov 2019

You can buy a guitar as a Christmas gift or for your self. Electric, acoustic, and classical guitars are available on the cover pages of the JB Hi-Fi Catalogue. Although this is an electronic store, you can find everything about entertainment in its catalogues. The entire catalogue is about musical instruments. The electric guitar is my second favourite instrument. It's one of the biggest inventions of the entire music art. With the electric guitar you have blues, Rock 'n roll, even popular music has the harmony involving electric vibe of the guitar. Learning to play some cool chords with an electric guitar is one of the coolest things you might have. It can even change your life. Surely, it takes a lot of practice at first. But after a while, you will at least be able to play on your own and entertain a bit while drinking with friends. And if you dedicate yourself sparing your entire free time playing it, it won't be a waste of time or money. Consider the knowledge you will gain while making some research on how to play. You can start with Platinum MPG-300WR electric guitar. Its price is $198 which is $60 off. But take good care of your guitar. Buy a stand and don't let it exposed to wind too much. Other equipment to record your music and add some other instruments are also available in the JB Hi-fi Catalogue.

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue 15% off Computers

I have good news for both PC and console players. First of all, I am sure most PS4 gamers like Hideo Kojima. He'll be releasing a new game called "Death Stranding" exclusively for PlayStation in November. If you pre-order you can get some extra features for your character. But I don't think it will have an impact on the gameplay. Similarly, although it's already an existing game, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available on PC on 5th of November. I have completed that game on PlayStation 4 and it's surely amazing. One of the largest map ever, great environment, highly sophisticated movement of a horse. The best horse animations for sure. No other game has a horse like that. I believe PC gameplay will create a huge hype for online players. It will definitely be more competitive when it is on PC. On JB Hi-Fi Catalogue, you can buy consoles and PCs for cheaper prices. This sale was named 5-Day Madness.

New Deals on JB Hi-Fi Catalogue 18 - 24 Jul 2019

Buy 15% off computers of Acer, HP, Asus, Lenovo, and more brands at on JB Hi-Fi Catalogue this week. The deals are effective until 24 Jul. Cameras will also be 15% off. On the cover page of one of the latest JB Hi-Fi Catalogues, you can encounter with some good deals. For example, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is $300 cheaper this week. Own a 128GB, fast and good-looking smartphone with that deal. Shop TVs and movies on pg 2-3. The catalogue has home appliances on the last page. Buy LG GF-B590PL 594L Slim French Door Fridge for $1978 and get $150 cashback. Dyson vacuums are so popular this week, most catalogues have struck a good deal on these electrical tools of daily home life.

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Game Sale 7 - 20 Jun 2019

The reason JB Hi-Fi created a Big Game sale catalogue for 7 - 20 Jun is probably the same reason of PlayStation's Days of Play deal. Many retailers that have a game sale in their catalogues have this special game sale. The hype is real for the games like Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. CD Project Red surprised everyone with featuring Keanu Reeves on E3 stage this week. The release date of Cyberpunk 2077 game is April 2020. We'll patiently wait for these games for sure, however, JB Hi-Fi Catalogue has already a great range of console games. Days Gone, Spider-Man, God of War, and Detroit Become Human are top of the PlayStation games right now. Get them at much lower prices than last year's prices. 1TB PS4 Pro, PS VR set, and gift cards are available on pg 2.
Xbox One S promotes its feature of 4K Ultra HD display of games. Great games like Forza, Crackdown 3, Minecraft, and more are also on sale. If you are looking for a lower price deal on a console, buy Xbox One S for $299 and play most games that PS can run. In fact, only exclusives are not available on Xbox. Nintendo Switch will be $50 off. Buy pro or joy-con controllers for your Nintendo. The bigger console game sale is viewable on pg 6-7. Much newer games like Sekiro and Rage 2 for PlayStation and Xbox are available on pg 6.

See these deals on JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Game Sale :

Xbox Exclusives:

A part of the catalogue offers PS4 games under $20. Buy Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Last of Us, and more on pg 7.