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One of the biggest retailers of electronics has weekly specials and top deals on catalogues. You can browse here JB Hi-Fi Catalogue to see deals on computers, TVs, sound products, phones, game consoles and games, cameras, fitness equipment, and more categories. The prices of electronics can be really expensive. Catalogues collect the best prices of the week for you and they show big discounts like half prices or 30-40% price drops. Eventually, you are able to reduce the cost of the laptop you have been thinking of buying. Microsoft, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Google, and more brands are usually featured brands and many more are also available. JB Hi-Fi is a store to learn about new technological trends, too.

The catalogues can also show the availability of the recently released DVD movies. Music CDs, movies, console and PC games are usually on sale in catalogues. Home improvement and appliances are people’s favorite sections. If you want to buy a new fridge and looking for a good price, come check out the latest JB Hi-Fi Catalogue in case there is a chance to see a discount.

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JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals 13 - 19 Feb 2020 | New Prices

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals 13 - 19 Feb 2020 | New PricesBuy top 5 brands of computers 20% off this week at JB Hi-Fi stores. Asus, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer have all great computers including the ones with gaming hardware. Samsung and Hisense TVs with 4 different models are going to be on sale this week. If you like to experience something like a theatre in your living room, I suggest you buy a really big LED TV. 190cm Ultra HD Hisense LED TV will cost $400 off. LG and TCL TVs will be 15% off until 16th Feb. 8 different TVs of these brands can be seen on pg 2. JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals might help everyone seeking a good deal on 4K TVs.

I have a really small living room. Therefore, I usually sit in front of the TV and I see it directly. Having a really big living room might be tricky and in that case, one might need an IPS TV which happens to allow everyone from all angles to watch. This catalogue can offer you a good deal on one of them. 75" Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV is a 4K IPS screen. 15% off now. Buy it for $1485 at this store.

More deals from the LG and TCL TVs from JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals:

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JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Notebook Deals 6 - 19 Feb 2020

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Notebook Deals 6 - 19 Feb 2020A decent laptop has become essential for every person all around the world. But this catalogue is not only about notebooks. You can find a range of smartphones, TVs, DSLR cameras, and more electronics that are the most joyful toys of the modern days. Good prices are also in the ad. 55" 4K Smart LED LCD TV is going to cost only $448 which is on the cover page. Save $150 on that TV. JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Notebook Deals are available on pg 2-3 of one of the latest catalogues. Mostly, HP laptops such as Pavilion gaming notebook and Dell's very popular Inspiron are the items to see in this part of the catalogue. 15" Power Pavilion gaming notebook with AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor will cost $1199 and that's $200 cheaper than the regular price.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you need and which software you will use. If you need some rendering power, then you need to go with something having a powerful GPU. If you just need a laptop to prepare some documents, watch movies, or listen to some music, then even integrated graphics will do the job. Sometimes, the design is the most important thing particularly for those who travel with their laptops a lot. A thin and lightweight laptop can be a relief. Most of them have a longer battery lives now.

Browse many more products of the electronic range of JB Hi-Fi Catalogue and consider buying your needs of school given that you need some electronics and save! Awesome deals will continue to be in these catalogues. Related Catalogues:

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Back to School Sale Jan 2020

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Back to School Sale Jan 2020Buy a new laptop for school and the daily life of your research. If you are looking for a good source of electronic deals, JB Hi-Fi Catalogue can help you a lot. One of the cover-page deals is 15" Inspiron 3000 notebook that will cost $799 and you will save $300 off. With that said, I can't say this computer is top of the line. You can only handle daily tasks like writing, browsing, movie watching, streaming, etc. You can't play many of the games on this computer. Otherwise, it'll either crash or your laptop will be heated a lot. However, for school tasks, it seems to be a decent computer. Browse JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Back to School Sale for many products at more affordable prices this week.
All the students need some kind of earphones. Bluetooth or wired. I prefer Bluetooth in-ear earphones for the quality of sound. Also, the jack input can be broken after a while. Sony WF1000XM3 true wireless noise-canceling in-ear headphones will cost $319 at JB Hi-fi this week. Similar products are available on the JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Back to School Sale:

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Deals 2 - 7 Jan 2020

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Deals 2 - 7 Jan 2020Check out these juicy appetize whetting deals for gaming and movies. JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Deals 2 - 7 Jan has recently been announced and they seem to be one of the first deals of the new year. Begin a new year with good deals, save on your favorite electronics, TVs, game accessories, and more products with the help of the JB Hi-Fi Catalogue. 20% off gaming accessories this week at this store. That means awesome headsets by Sennheiser, cool equipment by Logitech, and more hot deals. Shop smartwatches on the first page, too. Garmin, Fitbit Versa, and many more brands are being promoted at the moment. Buy Xbox Bundles, Nintendo consoles, and games of the last quarter of 2019. More games like Cyberpunk 2077, Ghos of Tsushima will come to consoles in 2020. There might also be surprises like a new Playstation console. Some designs leaked on the internet but people are still not sure.

Game on Ultra HD TVs. Watch your Netflix series or Youtube with them. One of the big screen TVs "FFalcon 55UF1 55" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV" will cost $469. They have also computer clearance. Buy Logitech accessories like mice, keyboard, and more are 20% off.

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JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Boxing Day Sale Dec 2019

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Boxing Day Sale Dec 2019See your favourite electronic products and gaming sale in the JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Boxing Day Sale. This is the only catalogue appearing right now on the official site. Like a clearance, they try to consume the stocks. Apparently, they have some premium quality items from all categories. Like a Black Friday sale, you can save hundreds of dollars on Sony, Samsung, and more brands. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will cost $1399 which is a $300 discount.

Explore a massive JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV sale on pg 2-3. There are TVs as big as 85" and most of them are at least $500 off. Moreover, you can buy additional products to support the sound quality and mounting system of your TV.

Smartphones and Apple deals are viewable on pg 4. 10% off Mac computers this week. MacBook is the most convenient and simple computer with a guarantee of l0ng-lasting performance thanks to its architecture and operating system. You may not be as free as when you are using a Windows computer but it does give comfort. Light-weight, long battery life and a cool design. It makes you want to work.

Check out the headsets, smartwatches, smart home products, appliances, and kitchen products, too. Breville The Barista Express cranberry is a purchase that comes with beans. A lot of appliances will be 20% off at JB Hi-Fi stores in the Boxing Day week. Remember the deals are only valid until 1 January.