Myer Bedroom Specials Catalogue 19 – 22 Mar 2016


Myer Bathroom Specials Catalogue 19 - 22 Mar 2016Sleep well with amazing items which are offered by Myer stores. You can find amazing ideas in Myer Catalogue to find the best option for your bed and comfort. There are superb opportunities in the Myer stores for making your days a lot better with great ideas. You would find Tontine Luxe Superior Comfort Polyester Pillow in Firm 2pks were $79,95 but now in Myer stores, you can afford it with only $39,95! It is really good idea for everyone. It amazing option for your pleasure in your bed. You must change your pillows for having much better sleeping times. In Myer Catalogue, you would find amazing ideas for making your nights a lot better with great suggestions. You do not need to handle with your old and rusty pillows, have better and the most comfortable one with Myer’s special sales! Enjoy with half price cuts sales, you can search the selection in Myer Catalogue. Sleep better with perfect pillow sets!


If you need some blankets with pillows, you will need amazing ideas in Myer Catalogue to make your days much better with perfect options for your purchase. Enjoyable solutions are available for making your days much better. You can enjoy with your new Tontine Luxe New Feather and Down Blankets. Its intro offer is only $149,95, instead of $249,95! Do not miss this opportunity!

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