Myer Bras Catalogue 12 – 26 Jan 2016

BRA CATALOGUE BY MYER Myer Bras Catalogue 12 - 26 Jan 2016

Oh ladies! Are you tired choosing what to buy? You haven’t decided yet? We can help you to finish this! Here you go. By Myer Products, we are offering you special discounts for you. Ladies! If you want to change your bra we bring you the new quality and very comfortable bras. Once you try, you will feel like it is not on you. Your boobs will be relax and not hard anymore. You will not bother with these bras. We have available in different colors. You can minimize also for your chest. Depends on your demand.

If you want to have pure color like black or white we have for you. If you want colorful colors with different designs it will make you happier. We have also supporter bras for different chests. You can lift and shape in easy way. With the red color bra you can hypnotize to your boyfriend. And the prices just went down for our special guests. We are offering you 25 % off today. Women’s intimate apparel by Berlei, Triumph, Bendon, Fayreform, Playtex and Chloe % Lola. Excludes the clearance and hot price. Women’s underwear by Bonds, Kayser, Ambra and Soho just went to 30 %. Chesty singlet $ 12.56 for you special discount.

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