Myer Business Style Clothing Jan – Feb 2020

Depending on the work you have, there might be several obligations regarding your style. Of course, the most known versions of suits for both ladies and gentlemen are preferred generally. However, with just simple adjustments, you are able to improve your comfort. Also, you don’t need some written code to create a nice style. Looking around you and coming up with something suitable for your taste may also be sufficient. Remind yourself that the image you create also indicates the value you give to your surroundings and particularly your business and colleagues. Also, remember that no professional would like to be remembered by just only their clothing. Your performance should always be superior to your fashion. Overkilling is not a very useful thing in a professional environment. Some people say that, dress like what you want to be not what you are now. Although it seems like a useless quote you might share on a meme site, there is actually a little wisdom in that. Wearing a costume makes you feel like what the costume belongs to. Wearing a Dracula costume will feel like you are a vampire. It’s not that unimportant. Myer Catalogue occasionally offers business wear for everyone. Currently, they have school shoes. Myer Business catalogue sales may offer some impressive discounts, too.

Still, you might want to know about what’s common. Quite simply, men wear a business shirt, traditional sports jacket, tie, and leather dress shoes. Some leather accessories would complete that style. I also recommend a belt whether your pants fit completely or not.

Ladies traditionally prefer skirt suits and blouses or tops. Sometimes a nice shirt, stockings, heels, and again some leather accessories. A classy amount of makeup and jewelry accessories are recommendable, too. Sometimes, Coco Chanel fashion pants and jackets would be a wonderful and different style in modern days, too.

Myer Business style clothing may help you with creating your wardrobe for this purpose:


  • Tokito wrap work dress $79.95
  • Basque youru printed blouse $79.95
  • Basque straight leg twill pant $99.95
  • Basque tuxedo dress $129.95


  • Van Heusen euro $199
  • Brooksfield career abstract diamond weave business shirt $79.95
  • Luxe all-over cross dobby business shirt $99.95
  • Brooksfield stretch herringbone weave trouser $99.95
  • Ray-Ban sunglasses $185
  • Blaq callum embossed lace up

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