Myer Catalogue Air Purifiers | Vacuum Cleaners Sep 2018

Air contained by our home is really affecting our sleeping, daily activities, the performance of our body and other organic stuff related to it. An air purifier actually removes bacteria, mold, odor and other contaminants in your air. There are methods to test your indoor air quality. They call it indoor air pollution sometimes. Some people think air purifiers get the dust off the furniture but it doesn’t do that. If you have allergies, air purifiers might be really helping you with your disease. Most importantly, you will have an odorless air. Allergetic people need to open the windows once a day but the rest of the replacing the contaminated air with the new fresh air is the job of air purifier. So, there are a lot of benefits to buying one. Myer Catalogue has a price range of different air purifiers and vacuum cleaners on pg 15.

See the final page of the catalogue for handheld vacuums, too. Dyson products look really comfortable to use. Check out the reviews about these products and compare the prices of Myer to other stores.

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