Myer Catalogue Easter LEGO Sale 27 Mar – 26 Apr 2020

Myer Catalogue Easter LEGO Sale 27 Mar - 26 Apr 2020This 8-page Myer Catalogue toy sale still goes on. You can find LEGO Star Wars sets. I would like to share them because recently the latest Star Wars was released in DVD and Blu-Ray. If you couldn’t catch it on theatres for some reason, or want to rewatch it, buy the DVD. That may create hype about Star Wars toys, too. Most fans of the SW franchise like to keep some of character at home. The last two pages of the Myer Catalogue have those LEGO Sets. But not only Star Wars are in this category. Check out City, Friends, Schwarz, Technic, Ford Mustang, Classic Bricks, and more types of LEGO toys.

Recently, fans become Mandalorian-centric because half of the fans don’t like the rest of the story about Skywalkers and Rey. Naturally, Mandalorian toys and Baby Yoda figures become really popular. LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack is 20% off at Myer. Check out more LEGO Deals on this catalogue:

View the latest deals of this Myer Catalogue and online shop.

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