Myer Catalogue Kids Products 27 Feb – 18 Mar 2018

Exciting news from Myer Catalogue. New kids products are on sale. 10% off clothing, nursery manchester and nursery gifts. 25% off when you buy 2 or more items. Kids’ bedroom products have a special place in this catalogue. Nursery products for the healthcare of your child and premium quality were excellently immersed in the content of new catalogue. Novelty bath towel, layette set, gift sets, and more items will be on pg 4-5.

Again, you will get 25% lower price when you buy 2 items from the nursery. Visit pg 6 to discover new ones. Babies’ clothing products like legging set, cardigan, dress, singlet, sensory gym, baby dome, swing n seat and more.

Toys are the fun in the new season and all seasons. Educational, puzzle, plush doll toys and more will be at Myer for lowered prices. Thomas and Friends toys can be seen on pg 14. Feel free to leave comments and share your opinions about the products and the catalogue. Follow our page on Facebook to get future posts.

While there is a wide range of products in Myer, why look outside.

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