Myer Catalogue Kitchen Sale 28 May – 12 Jul 2020

Myer Catalogue Kitchen Sale 28 May - 12 Jul 2020Buy your kitchenware from a place that sells only premium quality stuff. To be able to cook something that requires a very high temperature, you might need a cast-iron pot. Maxwell & Epicurious round casserole 2.6L will cost only $24.95 at Myer. A rare price for a widely known quality. Buy silverware and servingware products at Myer. Kitchen category also covers a range of cookware products like fry pans, non-stick cookset, kitchen appliances on pg 8-9. Make anything that falls under the healthy drink category or sports drink with a Ninja pro blender. You can mix cereals, milk, fruits, and most other things with that blender. It’s a really powerful electrical appliance. Make your own coffee at home. The best kind of coffee is the kind you make according to your taste. Buy Breville the infuser coffee machine for at Myer and save $250. Some deals by Myer Catalogue Kitchen Sale 28 May – 12 Jul:

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