Myer Catalogue Mother’s Day Gifts 20 Apr – 10 May 2020

Myer Catalogue Mother's Day Gifts 20 Apr - 10 May 2020Everybody should be thankful for their mother even just for being born to them. I can’t think of a greater sacrifice in human beings and all the other life forms than being a mother. Therefore, special days like Mother’s Day, even if it was invented for boosting the trade of gifts or something else, are important. It’s important for Mother’s Day to be popular because knowing that millions of mothers receive nice gifts from their children and loved ones make me happy. The same goes for Father’s Day, too. April was a nice month to buy some things because there were some nice Easter gifts. Chocolate, toys, entertainment products, game consoles, movies, games and many more items were on sale this month. In the second week of May, Mother’s Day will take place. Look for a gift in the fragrance category of this Myer Catalogue. Giorgio Armani Si Passione intense EDP 50mL will cost $171 at Myer. Beauty and personal care products are a part of the catalogue.

You can also find sleepwear and comfortable pyjama sets. Chloe & Lola Satin Top or pant knit pant of the same brand, and more items are viewable on pg 14-15. Browse all the new gift ideas on the catalogue. Browse some gifts from Myer Catalogue Mother’s Day Gifts 20 Apr – 10 May 2020:

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