Myer Catalogue Popular Toys 4 July 2015

In the last week of June and first weeks of July we will see a lot of toy catalogues.Myer Catalogue Popular Toys 4 July 2015 Myer Catalogue popular toys are viewable. You can check out the details about the prices and products of this catalogue items. Find out a great range of Myer Catalogue to save more and discover great brands.
I listed some of the really popular toys and figures from Myer Catalogue. Most of them are those which we know from movies. Let’s get involved:


LEGO Toys: These toys should be on the top because for many years we always saw a new product by LEGO on the toy sale catalogues. Myer provides a good catalogue with the new LEGO City, Speed, Tecnic and even more LEGO products on pg; 2-3.

LEGO Toys Myer July 2015

Minions: Minions are characters from the movie “Despicable Me” but this year Minions are the movie by itself. You can probably find these in any of the cinema theatre at present because the movie was released in 18 June 2015. They are pretty fun, cute and smart fellas.

Myer Minions July 2015

Super Hero Costumes and Figures: Costumes became one of the most popular items of the toy sale catalogues of Target, Kmart, Myer, Big W etc. Especially Marvel characters like Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor are really popular. You can check out pg; 7 for these products.

Movie and Video Game Toys: Products and figures of Toy Story, Transformers, Minecraft are popular toys in these days. Of course you can find even more movie toys in the store of Myer.

Fisher-Price toys: Fisher-Price is probably the most appearing brand of toys in all of the toy sale catalogues. You can see them if you browse them. Target, Kmart and other toy sale catalogues are always providing good prices for the Fisher-Price toys.

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