Myer Catalogue Suits October 2018 | Rules for Wearing a Suit

What makes a gentleman for the modern world? One of the activities you can do to improve your looks and style is knowing about suits and that’s all about the details. The first rule of wearing a suit is the last button left open. That’s a rule you should follow everywhere. One of the well-known rules of wearing a suit is unfastening the buttons when you sit down. When you wear a dark or light suit, wear the opposite colour of square. Sports watches are not good to match with suits. Also, always make sure that the suit is completely fit. Trouser is the main part of the suit. Don’t let it be baggy. When picking a jacket, make sure your hand can slip into your pocket. Instead of paying attention to the accessories, focus on the suit. Colour matching is also really important. Wrong choices end up with a disaster. Don’t wear white socks with a suit and always wear a sock that covers your legs. Otherwise is really disgusting. Suspenders remove the necessity of belts. Choose only one of two. Shirt cuffs must end on your wrist. Never choose something that goes over your hands. Tie-bar and tie lengths must be proportional. Prefer durable fabrics for everyday suits. Double-breasted jacket means a formal look and it’s even for corporate businesses. Button rule is also a must for the vests. These are may be the most important rules for wearing a nice suit. You can find the best suits of Myer Catalogue in this preview.

Check out some price of jackets, trousers, and more:

You can see all the suits in the Myer Catalogue. Enjoy wearing classy this season.

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