Myer Catalogue Toy Sale 13 Jun – 16 Jul 2017

Myer Catalogue Toy Sale 13 Jun - 16 Jul 2017Myer offers categories of toys including vehicles, super heroes, movie characters, dolls, toddler, puzzle toys and many more like these. We can browse these products through the catalogue display. Playdoh, costumes of fireman and pirate, and more clothing products are on pg 2-3. Get 20-25% off regular prices of these products on these pages. Nerf, LEGO, and board games are featured on pg 6-8. You can get Nerf Modulus Recon MKII which can be customized is only $34.95 at Myer Stores. LEGO Creator assembly square is priced at $319.95 which is 20% less than regular value. Lego Roller Coaster is another product that’s been dropped by 20%. You can check out this product on pg 7.

Disney Cars, Nerf Blasters on pg 10-11. Get Lights and Sounds truck for only $24.95 this week. Willy’s bute is only $39.95 ! Another great toy is matchbox hydrowash playset priced at $24.95 ! Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, Thomas&Friends trackmaster sparky engines and more products are on sale. Take a look at the best prices of these entertainment products.

There is a lot of girls’ toys like Barbie dolls, Toy Story, Minions, TMNT and other movies on pg 24-27. Little Live Pets and other collectible toys with dropped prices are featured on pg 28-29. Check out 20% off prices this week at Myer.

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