Myer Catalogue Toy Sale Hot Wheels 18 Jun – 21 Jul 2019

Most people buy car toys just to collect them or showcase them as a decorative piece of their home. Hot Wheels packs are one of the most popular toy car packs all around the world. Australian toy sale catalogues usually have a part where you can find hot wheels cars and there is frequently a great deal. They are not only cars but also you can find Marvel character cars, car wash, race tracks, etc. Go to Myer Catalogue pg 16 to see the Hot Wheels and more toy vehicles. You can buy Mercedes-Benz multi-level parking tower for $79. The other car toys are Rusco Racing. Sky Hawk helicopters will cost only $29.99 in the Rusco Racing part of the toy sale. Moreover, you have action toys like blasters. Take your cover and start developing an effective strategy to defeat your opponent with cool Nerf blasters.

Hot Wheels Cars and more car toys:

Nerf Blasters:

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