Myer Catalogue Toy Specials 1 – 24 Dec 2015

GREAT CHOICES BY MYER CATALOGUE Myer Catalogue Toy Specials 1 - 24 Dec 2015

Your kids will have the most special Christmas ever. They don’t need to wait for Santa to make it special. Myer has the perfect collection of christmas gifts for kids.

Baby Born Snowman Girl won’t just be a friend of your kids. But also, it will help them become responsible. They will have fun and learn together and be best friends of each other. Baby Born Snowman Girls are only at Myer.

Everybody knows pets are the best friends of humans. You can get Little Live Pets or Fur Real Friends from Myer and help your kids gain zoolatry already. If your kids are adventuruos and fearless, they can even have a dinosaur as a pet. Just don’t forget to take a look at The Good Dinosaur of Myer.

You don’t need to go to magic shows anymore. You can become a magician easily by Marvin’s Magic Interactive Magic Set. This incredible product is only at Myer! You can also have our 3D Magic Maker and surprise your friends by your 3D magics. Now you are a complete magician.  But you can add it more fun by Pie Face and have everybody rolling in the aisles.Now Minions, Bratz, Thomas and Friends are real. They are exclusive to Myer and have discounted prices. Fisher Price’s special products will help your kids walk while they have fun. They can walk their toy or ride on it. Your kids will love it.

Don’t get a christmas gift before checking our full catalogue. The
best christmas gifts are at Myer!


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