Myer Catalogue Winter 16 May – 4 Jun 2017

Myer Catalogue Winter 16 May - 4 Jun 2017Myer Catalogue is a good way to discover new things about fashion and seasonal casual wear. This catalogue is successfully tempting people to shop for this selection of casual wear and dresses. Coat styles recommended by Myer can be seen on pg 2-3. I loved the way they used for creating a sense of retro with modern cuts. Trench coat, ash coat, and an exclusive style at Myer will change your way you look at winter clothing.

Sporty variety of winter clothing and country style are appearing on pg 4. You should see styles of jackets and vests on pg 6. Myer brings latest fashion mixed up with classic colours. Absolutely impressive and talented crafting there. They remade a boot selection on pg 9. Knitwear is available for ladies. Check out 25% discount on coats, jackets, knitwear. Floral dresses to add a little bit of happiness and cheerful emotions in your winter wardrobe. Check out these clothing items on pg 14-15. Underwear by Myer can be seen on pg 16-19. You will see mens and kids clothing starting from pg 20.

Coats, vests, jackets on pg 6;

Boots for ladies on pg 9;

Casual winter clothing including knitwear and dress styles. Tokito Angel dress is a perfect match with a blazer.

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