Myer Gift Ideas Catalogue 1 – 24 Dec 2015

GREAT TOY IDEAS FOR YOU Myer Gift Ideas Catalogue 1 - 24 Dec 2015

Now your kids can make their own movies by Myer. Your kids can be the star of their movies or they can meet the movie characters here. These entertainer toys will give full play to your kids’ imagination. While they have fun, they will become more creative.

Myer is bringing your kids millions of years back. The realistic toys of Jurassic World and The Good Dinosaur are on sale now. Also you can get Jurassic World Vehicle Pack from Myer.

If your kid is a science fiction lover, then we suggest you to check out Myer’s special offers for you. By Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island Playsets, action figures and Thunderbirds Vehicles with sound, your kids will admire everybody.

Let your kids have fun with their super heroes this christmas. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Avengers figures are on sale. By Avengers Reversible Costumes, your kids’ dream will come true. Now they can switch between Hulk and Thor or Iron Man and Captain America. These incredible costumes are only at Myer!

Also, Toy Story has come true. Buzz, Woody and Jessie are ready to play with your kids. These talking figures and the talking figures of Minions will make children’s game special.

Shop online from Myer and save more. Myer has the best offers for Christmas!


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