Myer Kitchen Appliances Catalogue Book of Statement

Myer prepared a classy kitchen appliances range consisting of old fashioned pieces that are from 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s Myer Kitchen Appliances Catalogue Book of Statementand even 50s but their technology is from our day which mean they seem to be retro but they are solid as rock. Especially if you got a kitchen decorated according to the fashion of older decades these are perfectly combined. Since this is kind of a limited edition of vintage range of Myer their prices a little bit more than the standard products of our day but I think for such quality and fashion this price is worth.
Myer got also another catalogue with products of general home appliances that will improve the simplicity in your home. Brilliant selection of the Myer will be yours. Follow the deals of the Myer on the main page and be awake for the changes in the prices.
Book of Statement helps you find a true fashion designed by the masters.


Consisting of mainly more modernist products compared to older ones and they are intentionally produced for MYER CAFE CHIC KITCHEN FASHIONsmaller places with their small sizes. If you are in lack of space in your kitchen bar you can use these products.
* Breville the Citrus press, $159
* Cafe Venezia espresso, $169
* Breville bit more 2 slice toaster, $39.95
* Sunbeam blender on the go, $49.95


Within thee retro products of the Myer kitchen appliances catalogue you can find a nice selection.
* Sunbeam cafe series planetary mixmaster, $599
* Sunbeam cafe series blender, $259
* Food processor, $369
* KitchenAid espresso machine, $1999
MYER RETRO CAFE SERIES RANGE* Smeg Kitchen mixer, $799

According to this catalogue you are on the correct place for the retro range of the kitchen and home appliances. Also check out other Myer Catalogue on the main page if you have intention to purchase new domestic home appliances.

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