Myer Kitchen Specials Catalogue 15 – 26 Jan 2016

PERFECT KITCHEN BY MYER Myer Kitchen Specials Catalogue 15 - 26 Jan 2016

For the ladies Myer is coming with the special offers for you. With the electronic blenders this will make your life easier in the kitchen. Best brands are coming with the special discounts with the Myer’s quality. By the all-around the known brand is Kenwood is coming with the 50 % – 60 % off. Kenwood kMix appliances offer the discounts. For the fruits, vegetables if you want to mash them and if you want to drink the water of product you just need to push the button and see what is happening with Kenwood. There are many types of these products and new types of products.

Wıth the blenders you can mash everythıng and mıx everythıng you need in your kitchen. It is up to you. You can mash the ground beef for the meat balls, you can mash the orange for the juice, and you can do banana with the milk for the kids. You can do some soup and if you want the hand blend is the perfect item for it. Also while making the cake you will need these machines to mix the eggs and the flavor. For the mixer you do the fruits salads and eat all of them in the one bowl.

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