Myer Laundry Specials Catalogue 16 – 6 Mar 2016

GREAT IRON VARIETIES Myer Laundry Specials Catalogue 16 - 6 Mar 2016

It is time to wear well, to perfectly ironed clothes! You can make your wardrobe look really interesting with its perfect opportunities. There are great sales for you in Myer stores to make your days much more beautiful! Stop wearing messy clothes, iron them! It will not take too long time with those amazing devices that would make your life easier and make you look much better! Philips has amazing opportunities for you to make your ironing times much more beautiful! You can make them ironed, and look perfect! People will check how you wear, so it would be important to wear classy. You can find Philips irons with the half price sale in Myer stores. Do not miss this perfect opportunity which will last until March 6. You can have better wardrobe with same clothes. It would be amazing offer for you! Change your style, not clothes!

 Also you can look for Tefal Easy Control irons which will make your ironing times even less. It would be perfect offer for you to make great sense on another people. Tefal is also on half price sale in Myer stores. It is time to change your ironing devices in your home. Have newer, and better with amazing prices! Hurry up for this amazing opportunities for yourselves!

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