Myer New Year Fashion Catalogue 10 – 24 Jan 2016

LADY FASHION BY MYER Myer New Year Fashion Catalogue 10 - 24 Jan 2016

You have already got dressed. And now its time to get some accessories. With the Myer quality, we are offering you really good quality products. Such as Design Studio 3 stacked bangle just $ 9.95. Very posh watch comes with Trent Hatnah; rose watch is just $ 89. If you like math, Design Studio offers you geometric pendant necklace now $ 9.95. Now time to have some sun glasses to cover your beautiful eyes from the sun and protection. With Myer quality, we are offering you up to 50 % off with sun glasses. By Basque, Oroton, Blaq products. Those are all hot prices!! Don’t miss out. Basque mini fedora pom pom scarf is just $ 20.

Ladies!! For the women very important accessories are bags! Yes you heard bags. You should have good combine with your dress and it should be fit with where you are going. We are offering a really good quality bags with Myer store. Well-known brand is Guess offer to you very quality and have big space, room inside. You can carry everything with u in your bag. And it is just $ 99. Same prices bags cannot be the same quality as Guess. You will not regret to buy these bags and you will have nice combine on your outfit.

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