Myer Online Toys Catalogue 1 – 24 Dec 2015

MYER EXCLUSIVE ONLINE TOY Myer Online Toys Catalogue 1 - 24 Dec 2015

Myer has the best quality toys for your beloved children. Mind developing, entertainer and unique toys of Myer will make you want to go back to your childhood. No doubt, the legendary series of Star Wars admired everybody. Now Episode VII Black Series TIE Fighter & Figures are on sale at Myer and detailed vehicles look just like the version seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This incredible product is only here. Water wars never been this much fun. Now you can be the fastest one of your water wars. Bunch O Balloons allow you make a hundred water balloons in a few seconds. So, from now on you have more time to have fun with your family and your friends. Shopkins Fashion Spree Boutique Playsets could be one of the best christmas gifts for your daughters. To make your daughters smiling, this colorful playset is the perfect choice.

LEGO’s mind developing toys will help your kids become more creative. Now they can construct new places and create their own vehicles. You can reach LEGO City’s 7 different versions at Myer. Kids also can create the best quality cars at home now. From Ferrari to McLaren… 5 different car packs are on sale. Also Creater Expert Mini Cooper is waiting for your kids. Your kids will have their own world by LEGO’s exclusive toys to Myer. By Creater Expert Detectives Office, Palace Cinema, Pet Shop and Parisian Cafe, their eye-hand coordination will improve and they will have a complete city. Also LEGO’s unique Friends collection will make your kids’ dream come true. Now they can become a star. LEGO’s latest impressive toys are only at Myer. You can shop from online website of Myer. Enjoy !

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