Myer Sale of Quilt Cover Sets October 2019

Experience a sleep you never did before but do it at a good cost with Myer Catalogue sales. Don’t forget to find your style while seeking a good deal, too. This Myer’s bedroom aisle has some nice deals for you. 30% off Linen House Costa Rica cotton sateen quilt cover set will cost $199.95 for Queen size. Exotic can be a correct word for what these quilt covers resemble. It reflects the Ecuadorian country styles, particularly south America. You can see big leaves of big trees as patterns of the quilt cover. In fact, you can also find simpler and minimalistic products made of only organic material. Browse pg 12-13 for the organic bedding products. Sheridan Marramas organic cotton quilt cover QS will cost $299.95 and it’s one of them. Myer Sale catalogue also covers towels, decorative lanterns, hard cases for travel, candles, and more. Buy Bose Noise-cancelling headphones for $595 at Myer. The catalogue consists of 20 pages.

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