Myer Stocktake Catalogue 15 – 26 Jan 2016

MYER STOCKTAKE Myer Stocktake Catalogue 15 - 26 Jan 2016

Summer is just right here and the beaches and sunny days are waiting for you. You can imagine the sunny days and while swimming and drinking your cold beer with it. It is really making the people warm inside. So you know how to swim but if you don’t have swim suit it is the problem. By the Myer’s high quality products, the equip think about the customers all the time. If you can check the Myer’s catalogue for a moment you will find the fashionable swim suits for the men. There will be some really well – known brands which is Jack & Jones, Bauhaus, Kenji and so on. There will be special discounts for these shorts.

On the other hand there are some casual shorts also starting from the $ 25. Colorful and enjoyable clothes are coming with the Myer’s quality. You will not need to think twice while buying. You will not regret. It will be really comfortable on you while walking near the beaches, while swimming. All these casual and swim suites are on sale for the customers for now. We hope that you will not miss this out and catch the some wonderful and amazing high quality shorts.

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