Myer Stocktake Catalogue 20 – 26 Jan 2016

STOCKTAKING AT MYER Myer Stocktake Catalogue 20 - 26 Jan 2016

Myer Stocktake Catalogue 20 – 26 Jan 2016 contains amazing technologic products. For latest technology keep follow Myer catalogue. Last call for incredible discounts at Myer. Today is last day for Apple products discounting. iPhone 6, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and their accessories discounted perfectly. iPhone 6s with 3D touch live photos, 7000 series aluminium is strongest element ever they use before and the A9 chip, advanced cameras, 4-7 inch retina hd display and others. And you can buy all of these features and more only $1079. Also screenguard and case will be gift from Myer, When you purchase an apple phone. This phone just amazing. Camera to voice quality.. Feel real smart phone experience with Apple products.

It is time to chance your personal computer. Macbook Pro with retina display will gives you a sharpness image you ever seen before. You wont believe your eyes in front of it. Or you can choose Macbook Air. This product more thinner and lighter than other one. If you are not working on some hard works on pc you can think this opportunity. $150 – 100 OFF are awaiting you on Apple products. Logitech and Apple product’s accessories available in stocks. Gecko is protector brand which is selling screen protection products, protecting any damage or something else. Check Myer Stocktake Catalogue 20 – 26 Jan 2016 for phone care.

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