Myer Toy Sale 13 Jun – 9 Jul 2023

Myer Catalogue 13 Jun – 9 Jul 2023 starts with the promotion of Barbie’s new product range: Barbie the Movie. You will find a lot of popular toy brands in this catalogue but Barbie got the spotlight this time. Go to the third page for Barbie the Movie toys like pink western collectible Barbie dolls, Ken White and Gold Outfit, and more products. My favourite from this is the Corvette Convertible car which we will see Barbie drive in the upcoming movie.

Myer Toy Sale 13 Jun - 9 Jul 2023

Dolls are not only of Barbie’s. You have Rainbow High, Bratz, Mermaze Mermaldz, Bratz products. LEGO Disney, Disney Toys, Magic Mixies, Little Live Pets, Baby Alive, and more are good ones you might wanna see.

Barbie the Movie products are limited stocks.

  • Barbie The Movie Epic Fashions Pack $99.99
  • Barbie Movie Barbie in Gold Disco Jumpsuit $99.99
  • Ken Doll In White and Gold Tracksuit $99.99
  • Corvette Convertible in Pink $159.99

But more Barbie products are available in this catalogue. Go to pg 4 for more dolls of Barbie. LEGO Friends, Transformers, Star Wars toys:

  • Friends Heartlake International School $125
  • Rise of the Beasts Voyager Class $40
  • Icons Optimus Prime 10302 $230
  • Wild Ridin’ Grogu $45
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 Galactic Spaceship And Rocket Figure $50

If you want to buy gifts for kids, this one is a perfect catalogue with competitive prices. Don’t forget to see these deals.