Myer Toy Sale Catalogue 15 – 22 Nov 2015

Myer’s newest catalogue is amazing this week. Do not miss 50% OFF discounts at dozens of products.

Myer TOY SALES LAST ONE WEEKMyer Toy Catalogue 15 - 22 Nov 2015

Last one week for this incredible prices. Myer has good deals for happy hours in home. Darth Vader in Myer store. Nowadays Star Wars theme is very popular all around the country. Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Han Solo and Chewie Deluxe costume available in stocks – 3-12 sizes – Also digital figure collection is on sale with greatest discount in this week. With 4 packs you can save %20 ea. Remote control robot R2-D2 also awaiting you. Now everything is ready except a ship. Don’t worry in Myer stock, Millennium Falcon space ship is ready to adventure. Save $60. Find all your classic characters at Myer !

  • Dark Vader or Stromtrooper costumes with sound $249 pg 2
  • Other Star Wars products

Jr. Bond’s get closer for this 007 car. You cant see this vehicle on ways , cause its secret service agent car. Its selling intro offer price. If you prefer, realistic voice full function lights Ferrari or Lamborghini Veneno it would be great. Now your child’s wont need a space for left their car. Mercedes car park will be solution for this. With 5 level construction, this toy is great. Also very enjoyable table games in stock. Frozen stylish princess set 50% OFF.

  • Red charismatic Ferrari with sound effects $129 save $70
  • Fisher-Price STAGES SCOOTER
  • 5 Level Car park its best and enjoyable solution for toys.
  • Frozen Lights, sounds vanity table 50% OFF

Creative Kids

Lego builders will develop their creativity while playing games. Also Play-Doh featuring funniest products this week. There is crazy cuts and cream swirler always keeps them happy. For earlier ages, there is some toys for learning. E.g. learning lantern,shape surprise, etc.. Besides, Fisher-Price scooter is so cute!  you can check Christmas Stories 20 books with great offers. Not just toys, you can reach entertainment, kitchen needs, and child bedroom products in Myer shop or catalgoue.

  • Learning Toys starting from $19.95
  • Lego WORLD with friends pg 10
  • Play-Doh creative set with PERFECT discounts
  • Lovely Christmas Stories 25% OFF
  • Quilt sets and other things pg 13


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