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Check out the latest Myer Catalogue, read the reviews on new deals. Myer sales can offer great deals on the product range of all categories that the brand offers. Clothing trends, seasonal fashions, new deals on home appliances and toy sales are possible categories in the Myer Catalogues. The online sales can also be about Christmas and similar festive days. Find Fathers and Mothers day gifts, Valentine’s day specials, and much more in these catalogues. Moreover, you can follow our Facebook page to get notifications or allow your browser to notify you whenever an update is posted here.

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Myer Catalogue Christmas Gifts For Her 11 - 24, 2018

Fragrance is one of the first things that come up in the catalogue. Regarding the whole catalogue, it's one of the most important deals. Giorgio Armani, Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle EDP, Dior J'adore, Carolina Herrera Good Girl, and more products are featured in the latest range. 

Buy gifts under $50 and $20 on pg 4-5. Various products by Myer are promoted to be present on this catalogue. Interesting products like Popsi Chills bath soap can make great Christmas gifts. Be unique with the offers of Myer Catalogue and great discounts. Kettle, Espresso Set, Lighted Mirror, Massage products and similar items can also be found in the kitchen sale. Don't miss out the discounts. 

Myer Christmas Catalogue Toys Board Games | Retro Games

Christmas days and theme also means something related to vintage to me. Retro games represent that emotion which is the residue of old days. Even kids now would not remember and understand those days, the products and design are so good that it will reflect the emotion easily. Find modern and classic board games on pg 18-19 of the latest Myer Christmas Catalogue. I am sure something will be interesting for you there. 

This is not the entire list of games from this category. Go to pg 18-19 on the catalogue page for more details and products. 

Myer Catalogue Christmas Gifts for Him 4 - 16 Dec 2018

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You can find the men's gifts consisting of clothing, fragrance, personal care packs and sets, 25% discount on many products, wearable technology, cool shirts for summer, t-shirts of Levi's and Lacoste, and many more categories. You can buy a nice gift from the sports section as well. Myer offers Ben Sherman backpack, Flexfit cap, Garmin Vivomove HR sport, Nike tee and more items. An elegant part of the catalogue offers a  business class variety of shirts. Blaq, Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, Industrie and more classes can be found with a 25% discount on pg 18. Personal care products including face wash, moisturiser, and perfumes like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Dior Sauvage are available, too. One of the best things to be a nice Christmas gift is, of course, smartwatches and activity trackers these days since brands like Fitbit make really good looking products. You can find the category of these electronics on pg 22. Digital photography is a popular hobby and some classy cameras will be available at Myer for better deals on pg 28 until 16 December. Follow our Facebook page for the likes of these posts and be sure to get the best thing. 

Myer Catalogue Christmas Toys 20% Discount Until 24 Dec

Merry Christmas. Save 20% on many collectable toys and the favourite characters of kids. Baby Born, Fur Real, Little Live Pets, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol toys are available on pg 10-11 of the catalogue. One of the most popular toys of Paw Patrol is sea patroller that is only $119.99 at Myer stores now. Save 20% on Baby Born Little sister mermaid doll. Join the adventure of Thomas and Friends and reenact the scenes in your mind together. Educational toys like Mega Bloks, Fisher-Price are also subjects of the new discount. Find Nerf blasters that are joyful outdoor toys which keep all the kids busier than ever. If you have a large backyard or a really good place to run around, NERF Blasters can be a reason for kids to enjoy nature, too. Modulus ultimate pack, elite delta trooper, thunderhawk, and more products of NERF are also 20% cheaper. X-Shot blasters are also in the same place. Beyblade, Hot Wheels, board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble are Christmas gifts people usually prefer. All of them are in the Myer Catalogue Christmas right now.

Myer Catalogue Christmas Toys; Movie Characters 27 Nov - 24 Dec 2018

Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars characters are the first toys that are thought of, when it comes to Christmas toy sale this year. These are great stories and I am a fan of all three of them. You are able to save on Marvel's legendary characters like Thor and Hulk, get Captain America for $30 now. Chewbacca and BB-8 of Star Wars, lightsabers, Millenium Falcon toys are available in the new selection. Australia's biggest toy sales are on the catalogues like that of the Myer. Marvel Avengers Nerf products are also interesting toys from this catalogue. You can even find Infinity Gauntlet! Please don't erase half of the universe! Harry Potter's Ron Weasley, Hermione, Sirius Black and more characters are on sale. Pay only $19.95 for these characters. Board games and Hogwarts Great Hall of Harry Potter will decorate your home now.

Myer's Toy Sale, Avengers, Star Wars, Nerf and Harry Potter: