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Check out the latest Myer Catalogue, read the reviews on new deals. Myer sales can offer great deals on the product range of all categories that the brand offers. Clothing trends, seasonal fashions, new deals on home appliances and toy sales are possible categories in the Myer Catalogues. The online sales can also be about Christmas and similar festive days. Find Fathers and Mothers day gifts, Valentine’s day specials, and much more in these catalogues. Moreover, you can follow our Facebook page to get notifications or allow your browser to notify you whenever an update is posted here.

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Myer Catalogue Women's Clothing Sale 19 Mar - 14 Apr 2019

This is a new sale by Myer Catalogue which has a great content of women's clothing. The products of Levi's, tees, hoodies, dresses, flat shoes, boots, Autumn fashion are the elements to find in this part of the Myer Catalogue. Feel comfortable, look stylish, and buy quality things with Myer's new prices. Save with the discounts of Revlon cosmetics, makeup products, and similar sort of beauty products as well.
In this one, you will also be able to buy kids' products like pyjama sets, jacket, sleepwear, sleeve tees, and more products. Men's clothing products are knitwear, sweats, jackets, lace-ups and classic shoes on pg 10-11. You can find a fantastic blazer shirt in the same part of the catalogue. Buy Calvin Klein Jeans of men for only $89 this week at Myer. Electrical personal care products, home appliances, cookware, quilt covers from bedroom section, and more.

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Myer Catalogue Bedroom Sale 26 Feb - 17 Mar 2019

Myer Catalogue is not only for savings. It gives a lot of ideas on how to decorate your bedroom. Quilt cover, throws, cushion, even plants are a part of bedroom decoration with Myer Catalogue this week. The deals are effective until 17 Mar 2019. Check out 30% discount on cushions on pg 2-3. Burgundy, florals, Sheridan, and more styles appear on these pages. All sleeping types need a specific type of pillow. Foam, surround, firm feel, and more pillows are available within the new range of Myer. Anti-allergy pillows are also available products of this sale. Browse these on pg 8.

Floral bedroom:

These are just example deals from the catalogue. Check out the catalogue preview for all the bedroom styles and products. Servingware is another major sale in the catalogue. Oblong bowls, round bowls, dinner sets, Jamie Oliver by Tefal cookware, knife block set, and many more are available in the new range. Follow our Facebook page for more deals. Subscribe to Myer Catalogue to get emails about the future catalogues.

Myer Catalogue Clothing Deals 26 Dec - 28 Jan

Dresses are amazing deals from the latest Myer Catalogue. You can find wrap dress, shirt dress, jersey dress, and more are available in the variety of products on pg 2-3. There is also a great discount on these items. Find more casual clothing for ladies on pg 4-5. Swimwear is a need in summer and you can find some quality products starting at $49. Enjoy the nature of Australia and live a better version of your life in the new year. I wish you a rich and peaceful 2019 full of savings. Our favourite brands are available on this part of the catalogue. Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Basque, and more brands are the featured items. Check out underwear sale that is aclearance also. Save up 50% on women's lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, and socks. I am sure you can find something that suits with your taste on pg 7, too. Sandals, watches, sunglasses, accessories are also on sale. Save 50% on sunglasses, 25% on jewellery, and 20% on watches.

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Myer Catalogue Smartwatch Gifts Christmas Sale 2018

Fitbit activity tracker is one of the most popular wearable technology all around the world and it has dozens of models. You can think of buying a gift from the smartwatch and wearable technology part of the latest Myer Catalogue Christmas Sale. The deals are effective on 11 - 24 December. See pg 20 for Fitbit, Garmin, Bose, JBL, and more brands. 

Myer Catalogue Christmas Gifts 11 - 24 Dec 2018 | Accessories and Clothing

Gifting is one of the best traditions of shopping tradition. And stores like Myer has a lot of good offers in these weeks. Christmas sales are the most profitable and joyful trades of the whole year. Myer Catalogue Christmas gifts are going on with perfect deals and accessories like classic watches are available on pg 10. Find Citizen Gents dress watch or Timex Gents Weekender boxset watch at better prices by Myer. Go to pg 11 for handbags for ladies. Buy one of these for your mother and warm your relation once more. Christmas is the time to gather with families and friends and we need to remind ourselves that life is really short. Gifting will be a joy for receiever and the giver. Gifts for men can also be found on the catalogue. Accessories like belts, coffee cups, socks, Calvin Klein underwear are on sale. See them on pg 13. Gifts under $30 - $50 at Myer:

Find underwear gifts for guys on pg 16. Blaq socks, PJ sets, boxed trunks are perfet gifts for particularly fathers. For a classy selection of gifts, please visit pg 18 for must-see business accessories. Wallet, blaq tie, Jeff Banks belt and more are the featured items.